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APRIL 24, 2017

      The music business is pretty sleazy, as most of you know. I always chose to work on the periphery, mainly in retail, plus my various DIY projects over the years. In my retail days, I’d hear from a lot of marketing reps pushing whatever artist their labels had asked them too. I still get lots of solicitations and press releases on-line to check out this artist or another. Anyway, there were definitely some good people I met over the years, ones who seemed genuine and not phony. Susan Tanner was one of those people. She worked for a few labels that my store dealt with and she always took very good care of me and my co-workers. I haven’t been in touch with her much since I left retail over two decades ago but had connected with her on Facebook in recent years.

Susan had been suffering from breast cancer for a number of years—it would go into remission but then return. She passed away today… it came as a shock. I didn’t see any indication there had been a relapse but I also hadn’t checked in with her for awhile. She was only in her early 50s. This week’s show is dedicated to her. Rest in peace…     


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CAPITAL SCUM-Clutch The Flag (Hageland) in memory of Werner Exelmans

HEIBEL-School (Hageland)

HATE CREW-Pigs In Space (from “Thrashold”)

GRRR-Soldier’s Grief (self-released)

INDIREKT-Niemandschland (GTA)

GLUEAMS-Mental (Static Age)


WHIP-Weak Flesh (demo)

TEENAGE CHAINSAW-Yr Dumb (self-released)

VIAL-Move (Cut Rate)

WASTOIDS-My Toronto (Deranged)

WILD CHILD-Brown Nosed (Deranged)

DEFORMITY-Bug (Katorga Works)

PISSED JEANS-Worldwide Marine Asset Financial Analyst (Sub Pop)


CHLD BITE-Paralytic Phantasm (Housecore)

TRAUMA HARNESS-Ghost Of A Flea (In The Red)

SARCASM-Total Institution (demo)




PESD-Hieny (Prank)

YOUNG GODS-Feu (Wax Trax)

HALF JAPANESE-My Girlfriend Lives Like A Beatnik (Fire)

MIGHTY SPHINCTER-Exterminator (Placebo)

GARY AND THE GIMMICKS-Uncultured Paranoia (demo)


INFANT MORTALITY-Society (Violated)

I HAVE A KNIFE-Shoot Me First (self-released)

210*-Black Sheep (self-released)

SEEING SNAKES-Stumbling Block (Violated)

YOU PEOPLE-Walkin Home (Custom Made Music)


PHOBIA-Pretend You’re Not Crazy (from “The Boston Bootleg,” Varulven)

SCARS-Horrorshow (Fast)

GROUND ZERO-Controversy (Bung)

THE DULL-I Hate The Motorcyclist (from “A Decade Of Disaster,” Westworld)

SHOWCASE SHOWDOWN-Mike Barnicle (Tario)




ANARQUIA VERTICAL-Anti Ellecion (La Vida Es Un Mus)

CONNOISSEUR-Smoking Weed (Tankcrimes)

CIVIL VICTIM-Sorry For Being Broke (Loud Punk)

THE STAKEOUT-Wasted (Deranged)

RÁKOSI-Mupina (Lengua Armada)

TROPIEZO-Machistófeles (Discos de Hoy)

MINEFIELD-Show 2012 (Bad Hair Life)

BACKWARDS MESSAGE-Business Will Have To Suffer (demo)


THE DOLL-Trash (Cherry Red)

ANOUSCHKA ET LES PRIVES-Control (from “My Girlfriend Was A Punk”)

A-GEN 53-Lila (from “This Is Austria, Not Australia”)

BLACK EASTER-What The Fuck (Illuminated)


ULTRA-Política Estúpida (La Vida Es Un Mus)

SIAL-Dewa (Lost In Fog)

REPTOIDES-Futuro Pedido (demo)

KING CHUBBY-Giving Up (demo)

CLITERATI-Looking For The Answers (Tankcrimes)

SUNSHINE WARD-Selfish Hate (Feral Ward)




CHROME-In A Dream (Subterranean)

21-645-Red, Red (from “Nobody Gets On The Guest List,” Throbbing Lobster)

ZULUS-I Can’t Wait To Tell You The News (Greenworld)

MAPS-My Eyes Are Burning (self-released)


BORN AGAINST-Resist Control (Kill Rock Stars)

FLEAS AND LICE-Up The Punks (Rodent Popsicle)

THE FORGOTTEN-Class Separation (TKO)


LOS OLVIDADOS-Personal Genocide (Alternative Tentacles)


JUDAS PRIEST-Dissident Aggressor (Columbia)