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OCTOBER 16, 2017


      This week’s show definitely veers towards the oldies i.e. music from the 1990s and earlier. There was a lot of tumult, both positive and negative, during that early 90s period and, since it’s about the 25th anniversary mark for some of those events, I decided to dig into that time period a bit. Contrary to what some might think, there was plenty of great music that came out of that time frame and I think this show gives a pretty decent sampling… along with the music of more recent vintage, as well.


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PROFESSIONALS-Just Another Dream (Virgin)


NASTI-Cake Walk (Iron Lung)

DRUJ-War Hymns (demo)

EEL-Born With Weapon/Born With Wound (Beach Impediment)

HALSHUG-Gudsforladt (Southern Lord)

SELFISH-I Wanna Feel Some (Feral Ward)

VENDETTA-And The Brave Man Fails (Noise)


LUNGFISH-Broadcast (Dischord)

SEVERIN-Fire and Sand (Superbad/Dischord)

SENATOR FLUX-Before The Sun (Emergo)

THE CLEARER-Storm (Forge)




MINIMAL MAN-Shadows Pay A Visit (CD Presents)

BIZARROS-New Order (Windian)

MYDOLLS-The Rapist (CIA)



RADIATION RISKS-Headless Horse-Man (Feral Kid)

UTAH JAZZ-Contact Low (Feral Kid)

PATSY-Nazis Are So Plain (Total Punk)

WOOD CHICKENS-Time Don’t Stop For Nobody (Big Neck)

DIRTY & HIS FISTS-Heretics (Feel It)

SWEET KNIVES-Rat In The City (Big Neck)

CRUDDY-Slow News Day (12XU)


KILLJOYS-Johnny Won’t Go To Heaven (Raw)

RADIATORS FROM SPACE-Television Screen (Chiswick)

BOYS-First Time (Captain Oi)

THE JAM-Slow Down (Polydor)

DICKIES-You Drive Me Ape (You Big Gorilla) (A&M)




ARCWELDER-Will When You Won’t (Touch and Go)

TAR-Land Luck (Amphetamine Reptile)

ALLOY-Unafraid (Bitzcore)


DFL-Society’s Pressure (Epitaph)

FUGITIVE FAMILY-Paranormal Spies (from “Houston Punk,” Agrowax)

TRIPLE THREAT-Fashion Trend (Bridge Nine)

GIRL POWER-Greetings, Pop Pickers (demo)

ANNIHILATION TIME-Down The Street (It’s Alive)


C.H.E.W.-Moral Panic (Slugsalt)


LOZENGE-Vaseline (demo)

PART 1-Salem (Southern Lord)

INSTITUTE-Oil Money (Sacred Bones)





TESTORS-Bad Attitude (Swami)

INSTANTS-The Need (from “Rocky Mountain Low,” Hyperpycnal)

X_X-You’re Full Of Shit (Drome)


LEBENDEN TOTEN-Mind Parasites (self-released)

NO STATIK-Deadly Repercussions (Prank)

ANTIPRODUCT-For Which It Stands (Tribal War)