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JANAURY 24, 2022


      I know every line to the closing song, “Break The Bank” by Toxic Reasons. That’s because I was working at a bank when it came out, living in a one-room studio in Lynn. I moved there 39 years ago today… I wouldn’t say my parents kicked me out but, after I left my first post-collegiate job in late 1982, they thought it was time I got on my own two feet, got a new job and an apartment. Which I did… as I said, at a fucking bank. My co-workers were OK, except that backstabbing asshole Sandy in the loan department… anyway, long story short, my punk attitude was coming through stronger and that song really hit home. I won’t say it inspired me to quit the bank, but doing that and ending up music retail was one of the smartest things I ever did. To your knees, Uncle Sam!


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AGENT ORANGE-Your Mother Sucks Cocks In Hell (Gummopunx)


S.O.H.-(you) Don’t Have To Wait (No Norms)

1001 REHABS-9th Reich (Polze De La Mort)

ALIEN NOSEJOB-Beyond The Pale (Iron Lung)

FOIL-1312 (Dirtbag Distro)

PISS KINKS-Light A Fire (Dirtbag Distro)

ZIPPERHEAD-Sophisto (demo)


RED RED KROVVY-Despise The Rich (Helta Skelta)

BASEMENT RAT-Gritos (demo)

BRAIN F-So Dim (Sorry State)

WOVEN BONES-I’ll Be Runnin’ (HoZac)

A.D. SKINNER-Bad Taste (demo)


HEART ATTACK-Victim’s Inquisition (Serious Clown)

POISON IDEA-Thorn In My Side (Fatal Erection)

NEGATIVE GAIN-Back From The Dead (Pusmort)

BANNLYST-40,000 Døde Barn (X-Port)

MOB 47-Kärnvapen Attack (self-released)

ANTI-CIMEX-Game Of The Arseholes (Agipunk)




HALDOL-Time Is Not On Our Side (Grim Winds)

GOD BOWS TO MATH-Blues For Blind Lemon (Muzai)

LIBYANS-Wrong Profession/Same Results (Sorry State)


THEE MIGHTY FEVERS-I’m A Zombie (Dead Beat)


FATALS-Treat Me Bad (Yakisikana)

DC SNIPERS-Electric Chair From Saigon (Dead Beat)

CLAW TOE-Blud Zombi (Criminal IQ)


PAGAN PISS-Caved In, Called You (Let’s Go Do Crimes)

TV GHOST-The Network (In The Red)

SPACEMEN 3-Revolution (Fire)




AXE RASH-Impulse Control//No Time For You (Imminent Destruction)

URIN-Krawedz Jest Ostra (Iron Lung)

GEL-Violent Closure (Atomic Action)

BOOTLICKER-Conscription (Neon Taste)

RAT CAGE-Blood On Your Boots (La Vida Es Un Mus)

CRUCIAL RESPONSE-The Puppets (Not For The Weak)


WEDDING PRESENT-Go Out And Get ‘Em Boy! (Reception)


SMACKMELON-I’m Not Cool (Mag Wheel)

MEGA CITY FOUR-Start (Decoy)


PLATES-Salvation Morning (Big Neck)

GIT SOME-Trixie Loves Misty (1-2-3-4, Go!)

FLESHIES-Rosa (Alternative Tentacles)

KUDGEL-Neo-Nozzle (Super-8)




SWEEPING PROMISES-Hunger For A Way Out (Feel It)

DONKEY BUGS-Three Times Fast (Fish)

ANTEENAGERS MC-Cars (Plastic Idol)



CITY YELPS-Telephones (Odd Box)


RORY GALLAGHER-Shin Kicker (Chrysalis)

ROBERT JOHNSON-Wreck My Mind (Infinity)

ELVIS COSTELLO-(What’s So Funny ‘Bout) Peace, Love and Understanding (Columbia)


TOXIC REASONS-Break The Bank (Sixth International)