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MAY 16, 2022


      In this week’s edition of “fuck, I’m getting old,” today is the 40th anniversary of the day I graduated from Boston University. And later this week marks 40 years since Discharge’s “Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing’s” release. Let’s just say that, during those first post-collegiate months, that album had more impact on me than four years of courses. Not to totally diminish what I learned at BU but that album and many others I heard from that summer on pointed me on the right path.

      Also, it’s not high-def or anything but I’ve boosted the bitrate for the stream up to 192 kbps so it should sound somewhat better…


Track 1

Track 2

Track 3

Track 4




NO JUSTICE-Political Scheme (Underestimated)


DOVE-Ambivalence (from “Bouncing Babies,” Fountain Of Youth)

VOID-Get Out Of My Way (Eye 95)


AGAINST-Aftermath (Radio Raheem)

OUTPATIENTS-Fight (Free Association)

CRUCIFIX-No Limbs (Corpus Christi)

SCUM-So Much Hate (from “P.E.A.C.E./War,” R Radical)


SHITTY NIGHTS-Maybe One Day (L.G.D.S.C.)

T.A.Z.-Untitled 1 (demo)

MARAUDEUR-Es Is Kein Stehlen (Feel It)

MONONEGATIVE-Kayfabe (Brain Slash/Feral KiD)

GLAAS-Easy Living (Static Shock)

CROSS STITCHED EYES-Twist Of Fate (Ruin Nation)


DELIVERY-The Topic (Feel It)

SPREAD JOY-Spa Schedule (Feel It)

WARM RED-Decades of Breakfast (State Laughter)

WASTE MAN-Light The Signal (Feel It)




COURT MARTIAL-Young Offenders (Riot City)

GERMS-No God (Slash)

ANGRY SAMOANS-Lights Out (Bad Trip)

DESCENDENTS-Global Probing (New Alliance)

DOW JONES & THE INDUSTRIALS-Ladies With Appliances (from “Red Snerts,” Vulcher)

LOU MIAMI & THE KOZMETIX-Fascist Lover (Final Vinyl)


THE POGO-Police War (Loud Punk)

SAD BOYS-I Am Not A Girl (Pogo & Cry)

NUCLEAR SPRING-Civil Society (demo)

MURF-Bitches Leave (self-released)

ZEN FUCK-UPS-Hopeless (self-released)

LÖGNHALSMOTTAGNINGEN-Ett Strategiskt Vakuum (Emotional Response)

NEO CONS-Hardcore Elite (Abscess)


LORD HIGH FIXERS-Poppa Hoodoo (Scooch Pooch)

NASHVILLE PUSSY-Go Motherfucker Go (Get Hip)

MUD CITY MANGLERS-1 2 3 4 Motherfucker (Republic of Chesterfield)

SWINGIN’ NECKBREAKERS-Take Your Life (Telstar)

DEL-VETTS-Last Time Around (from “Oh Yeah! The Best Of Dunwich Records,” Sundazed)




NEEDLES-Despercación (Iron Lung)

ELECTRIKA-Agonía (Discos Enfermos)

CRIATURAS-Los Elijidos (Trabuc)

SCREAMING FIST-Betrayed (Iron Lung)

MISANTHROPIC MINDS-Kill Hubtown (Sewercide)

WANTED-Gay Panic (demo)

PUNCH IN THE FACE-Not Here To Make Friends (Highly Questionable)


THE CLASH-Know Your Rights (Epic)

EFFIGIES-Bodybag (Ruthless)

UNSANITARY NAPKIN-Commodore Keating (Always Never Fun)

BORN-Peir Koma (Iron Lung)


RED DONS-Pieces (Deranged)

NYLEX-Silence Abounds (Nopatience)

WEEKEND-Age Class (Slumberland)




RAPED TEENAGERS-Bedövad (self-released)

GOUKA-Co-Exist (Partners In Crime)

VICTIMS-Mary Go Round (Yellow Dog)

TIMES SQUARE PREACHERS-White European Male (Your Own Jailer)

SYSTEMATIC DEATH-Underage (Selfish)

SAS-Intro/The Sport of Gentlemen? (self-released)


CLOAK/DAGGER-Hollywood Hills (Jade Tree)

DEEP SLEEP-Manic Euphoria (Grave Mistake)

LYNYRD’S INNARDS-Houston, We Have A Problem (Johann’s Face)

EVERREADY-Punk Is For Sale (Skene!)

SHAMPOO-Bouffant Headbutt (Icerink)


INFA RIOT-Kids Of The 80’s (Secret)