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SEPTEMBER 28, 2020


      At the start of 2017, when the Orange Shitstain took up residence at the White House, people were saying, “well, at least punk will be good again.” Fuck that shit… it’s ALWAYS been good. Anyway, a few songs about the Trump era and his frothing followers have shown up over the past 3-4 years and a few are featured here today. The pickings have been pretty slim, to be honest. So many anti-Trump songs seem completely forced.

      A side note—I’ll be off next week. First week off in over a year and I really need it. I’ll be back on October 12…  


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Track 2

Track 3

Track 4






RAY GUN-Séance (demo)

HAAZ-Same O (Forbidden Place)

CRISIS ACTORS-Die On Your Feet (demo)

BITTER BRANCHES-Party Mode (Atomic Action)


PINK SECTION-Jane Blank (from “Can You Hear Me? Music From The Deaf Club,” Optional)

PRIMETIME-Pervert (La Vida Es Un Mus)

CALENDER BOYS-Stab Your Front (demo)

LEATHER LUNGS-Scratch & Sniff (demo)

LACES-Dropdead Boogie (demo)



GUILTY RAZORS-Don’t Wanna Be A Rich (Seventeen)

SIMPLE MINDS-Tonight (MindMood)

KILLJOYS-Johnny Won’t Get To Heaven (Raw)

RADIATORS FROM SPACE-Television Screen (Chiswick)




BRAIN TUMORS-Punk Will Kill Us All (Deranged)

NO SKIN-Knee Jerk Circle (Give Praise)

U-NIX-Landlord (Feel It)

BLOOD PRESSURE-Useless (Beach Impediment)

AJAX-Lapdog (from “Hardcore: Gimme Some More,” Beach Impediment)

DAS DRIP-Sulfur (Sorry State)

DROPDEAD-What Once Was Life (Armageddon)


DAME-Bubble Baby (Beach Impediment)

SWEEPING PROMISES-Falling Forward (Feel It)

ANNEX-Transient (Adelante)


BAD POSTURE-Get Tough (Irresponsible)

PART TIME CHRISTIANS-Case (Alternative Tentacles)

DAYGLOW ABORTIONS-Scared of People/Black Sabbath (Sharpe)

PERSONALITY CRISIS-People In Glass (Sounds Escaping)




LIVING EYES-Better Think Again (Antifade/Neck Chop)


GORDON SPICER BAND-Someone Like Me (demo)

OUTS-Boy Scout (demo)

MURF-I Don’t Like Cops (self-released)


IN SCHOOL-Bloodlust (Thrilling Living)

G.L.O.S.S.-Out From The Desk (Total Negativity/Nervous Nelly)

NEGATIV-Sex With Pigs (Byllepest)

GLUE-Hunger (Glue)

CEMENT SHOES-Unite The Right In Hell (Feel It)

SURFBORT-45 (Cult)


PRONG-Disbelief (Mr. Bear)

DEADSPOT-My Death (Letterbomb)

RUIN-Where Fortune (Red Music)

SADISTIC EXPLOITS-Beginnings (demo)




UNHOLY SWILL-Wanna Be God (Noiseville) in memory of Jim Gibson

MICHAEL PSYCHO-(A) Political Song (S-S)

SKIMASK-Every Week Iz Shark Week (100% Breakfast)

BLOOD BAGS-Marinate Retard (Big Neck)

GUITAR WOLF-Can-Nana Fever (Matador)

HALF JAPANESE-There’s A Girl (Iridescence)


THE SYSTEM-Dogs Of War (Skuld)

ESKORBUTO-Much Policia, Poca Diversion (Munster)

OPTION-The Front Page (demo)

NASHO-Land Killa (Nopatience)


SHOWCASE SHOWDOWN-Fuck You, Norway (Pogostick)