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FEBRUARY 18, 2019


      Happy President’s Day… when you-know-who got elected, you started hearing about how punk was going to be great again and there’d be a flood of anti-Trump songs to deliver us all from evil. Well, most of the anti-Trump songs have been silly and forced but there have been a few good ones here and there and I think the Aneurysm and Haram songs (the latter is sung is Arabic) provides a good protest, even if you can’t hear all the words. You can just surmise it from the titles. Some might say that it’s important to hear every word loud and clear but I think when it peddles in over-obvious clichés, it doesn’t really work. Just one DJ’s opinion… and, admittedly, many of the songs I play offer simplistic and obvious sentiments. I just think it can sometimes sound extremely forced…


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BRIEFS-No More Presidents (BYO)


ANEURYSM-National Embarrassment (Tor Johnson)

HARAM-Your President, Not A President (Toxic State)

KRIMEWATCH-Pissed (demo)

OAF-Fiend (demo)

G.L.O.S.S.-Give Violence A Chance (Thrilling Living/Nervous Nelly)

XYLITOL-Goblin Gallop (Thrilling Living/Total Negativity)

LATEX-Chain Whip (Sensual World/World Gone Mad)


LYMES-Breaking In A Memory (Weather Vane)

VINTAGE CROP-Right To Censor (Anti Fade/Drunken Sailor)

TIPEX-Definicisn Por Negacisn (Flexdiscos)

SCANERS-Catch Up With A UFO (Dirty Water)

C57 BL/6-Dream Surfer (demo)

NEO NEOS-Chucklheads Odyssey (Neck Chop)


ANDY HUMAN & THE REPTOIDS-Fissures (Total Punk)

COLLATE-Communication (Market Square)

M.A.Z.E.-Psycho Eyes (Episode Sounds)

AU PAIRS-It’s Obvious (Castle)




FORWARD-A.C.A.B. (540/Todo Destruido)

KRÖMOSOM-Living Dead (Havoc)

CANDY-Systematic Death (Triple-B)

SPAZM 151-Power Song For The Kidz (Havoc)

MALINHEADS-Wargames (Thought Crime)

OLHO SECO-Nada (Nada Nada)


THE ENERGY-I’m Gonna Cut You Into Pieces (Team Science)

REACHAROUNDS-Welcome To The World (Push and Pull)

GNÄRDS-Geek Tweak (demo)

IDLES-White Privilege (Bailey)



DR. FEELGOOD-Milk and Alcohol (United Artists)

SAINTS-Private Affair (Sire)




KNIFE FIGHT-Woof Woof Woof (from “Wolf Party,” Voodoo Rhythm)

BABY’S BLOOD-Sex Punk (Neck Chop)

BAD TASTE-The Curse (Feral Kid)

A.N.S.-No Connection (Feral Kid)

DUMB VISION-Pissing (Big Neck)

VILE-5 to 10 (Radio Raheem)


THESE BASTARDS-Burn The Fucker Down (demo)

BAD BREEDING-Psychic Copper (One Little Indian)

BLANCK MASS-Shit Luck (Hozac)

TEEN ARCHER-Golden Years (Exo)

BEWITCHED-Neon Angel (B.B. Gun)


S.B.F.-Rock To The Head (Neck Chop)

GET LAID-Let’s Be Friends (demo)

AEROSOL SPECIES-Chick Revolt (from “Destroy All Art. Vol. 2,” Rock ‘n Roll Parasite)

MÜLLTÜTE-Gesto Vivo (self-released)

THE VICIOUS-I Don’t Believe In Christ (Feral Ward)

GORILLA ANGREB-Aaarrgghh!! (Feral Ward)




MIGHTY IONS-Pedro Morales (Dino) in memory of Pedro Morales

RUDE KIDS-Absolute Ruler (Distortion)

ROTTERS-Disco Queen (Dionysus)



ARCTIC FLOWERS-Dreamer (self-released)

HOT TIP-DNA (One Percent Press)

RED DONS-Pieces (Deranged)

VISION/DECAY-Insomnia (from “Barricaded Suspects,” Toxic Shock)


DEPARTMENT S-Is Vic There? (Stiff)