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AUGUST 14, 2017


      Another longer-than-usual show this week because there’s a lot to play and much to be said. It’s probably no secret about the topic, given this past weekend’s events in Charlottesville, VA, the site of a white supremacist rally that turned into an act of terrorism . A cowardly 20 year old piece of shit, whose name I won’t print, drove into a crowd of peaceful protesters and killed 32 year old Heather Heyer. I love how these self-described “patriots” embrace the traitors of the Confederacy and the Nazis, who were hell-bent on destroying everything, including this country. Anyway, the whole situation is exhausting and dispiriting. That’s about all I can say and I’m not feeling all that articulate at the moment… I think the show pretty much covers everything else.


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CONSOLIDATED-White American Male (IRS)


CLITERATI-Make America Hate Again (Tankcrimes)

ANCIENT FILTH-Racism (self-released)

OI! SCOUTS-Nuke The Nazis (Squigtone)

OI POLLOI-Nazi Scum (Words of Warning)


LIMP WRIST-Wrap Yourselves In Me (self-released)

ESSEX MURO-86 Street Meat (demo)

MACHO BOYS-Victim To Blame (Neck Chop)

SMALL MAN-Outlet (demo)

PENETRODE-Death = Life (demo)

Q-Relaxed Mike (demo)



PETER & THE TEST TUBE BABIES-Elvis Is Dead (Anagram)

JERKS-Get Your Woofing Dog Off Me (from “Lightning Records Punk Collection,” Anagram)

UV RACE-Dog Tired (Aarght!)

SUBURBAN HOMES-Cul-De-Sac (Total Punk)

HYGIENE-Polytechnic St. (La Vida Es Un Mus)




YOUTH PATROL-America’s Power (from “Process of Elimination EP,” Touch and Go)

NECROS-Race Riot (Touch and Go)


SLIME-Nazis Raus (Aggressive)

DICKS-Anti-Klan (Alternative Tentacles)

BEEFEATER-Wars in Space (Dischord) in memory of Fred Smith


NOTS-Cruel Friend (Goner)

C57 BL/6-F.O.I.A. (demo)

DAME-Lines (Charm School)

LA MISMA-Raspados (Toxic State)

NEON-Neon (Water Wing)


SWELL MAPS-Let’s Build A Car (Mute)

PENETRATION-Shout Above The Noise (Virgin)

URINALS-Sex (Warning Label)

CHEIFS-Blues (Dr. Strange)




FRAMTID-Racist Scum (Brain Solvent Propaganda)

IMPALERS-Nazi Burning Man (540)

VITTNA-Stockholm Syndrome (demo)

KATASTROF-Landskap I Mörker (Beach Impediment)

VÄGRA-Free Your Mind (Brain Solvent Propaganda)

YPINDPERHE-Puukosta Selkään (Hakaniemi Hardcore)


COWBOY-The Door (Fashionable Idiots)


FLOWERS OF EVIL-Regulation (Deranged)

BIG BLEACH-Earth Girl (More Power)

UGLIES-Socialite Stomp (No Patience)

LUMPY AND THE DUMPERS-Electric Hell (demo)


PINKERTON THUGS-Another Story (Go-Kart)

SPECIALS-Ghost Town (Chrysalis)

S/CKS-Cut Bait (Mind Cure)




GANG OF FOUR-To Hell With Poverty (EMI)


FLUX OF PINK INDIANS-Tube Disaster (One Little Indian)

OUTSIDERS-Calling On Youth (Gift Of Life)


BLANK SPELL-Red Teeth (World Gone Mad)

ANNEX-Reflection (Mass Media)

ABOLITIONIST-We Are The Pinnacle (1859)

YOU PEOPLE-Room 48 or 50 (Custom Made Music)

THE MEN-Cube (Sacred Bones)


FIRE ENGINES-We Don’t Need This Fascist Groove Thang (Rev-Ola)