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JANUARY 11, 2021


      There’s no way I could completely capture—let’s call it what it is—the terrorist attack on the US Capitol last week, an attempt to subvert democracy. I keep it to about two minutes from various audio sources to give you something of an overview. I used to think the Trump cult wouldn’t ever try anything like this, that it was all talk. I guess I was naïve to have believed that. And I hope they throw the book at every one of those traitorous scumbags, including any law enforcement and elected official who assisted in this attempted coup.

      To quote Bette Davis, fasten your seatbelts… it’s going to be a bumpy ride… both for this week’s show and the weeks, possibly months or even years ahead.


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BLACK SABBATH-The Mob Rules (Warner Bros.)


HATED PRINCIPLES-Punk’s Only A Word (Gothic Gospel) in memory of Katz Seki

AMERICA’S HARDCORE-Born Prejudice (from “It Came From Slimey Valley,” Ghetto Way)

SHEMPS-Achtung Hoosier (from “Party Animal,” Mystic)

UNITED MUTATION-Final Solution (Radio Raheem)

VATICAN COMMANDOS-Why Must I Follow? (Pregnant Nun)

REBEL TRUTH-Child Hosts The Parasite (self-released)

INSANITY DEFENSE-Pilgrim State (Unsound)


SPECIAL INTEREST-Homogenized Milk (W00dy Remix) (Nude Club)

ISS-(Met)Forming (demo)

CLOCK OF TIME-Companion (Static Shock)

INSTITUTE-Salt (Sacred Bones)

FATTY CAKES AND THE PUFF PASTRIES-Panic Attack (Emotional Response)




BRYAN LOTHIAN-Bored To Death (demo)

SIGNAL-Want It Worse (Ramp Local)

SYNTHETIC ID-Note For Note (Castle Face)

WORMS-Anxiety Pit (Hidden Bay)

GOOD THROB-You’re Shit (White Denim)


WHITE STAINS-Strangle You (Song Book)

WHITE WARDS-Paint Huffer (Iron Lung)

KRAUSE-Live Like A Man, Die Like An Animal (Riot Season)

RUT-Provoked (Digital Regress)

SOGA-Anuncios de Neón (Iron Lung)

FUGITIVE BUBBLE-I Didn’t Think So (Stucco)


MANIC STREET PREACHERS-Suicide Alley (from “Underground Rockers 2,” Link)

POP WILL EAT ITSELF-B-B-B-Breakdown (Rough Trade)

VISIONS OF CHANGE-Visions Of Change (Firefly)

MEGA CITY FOUR-Start (Decoy)

SOUP DRAGONS-I Know Everything (Subway)

JOYCE MCKINNEY EXPERIENCE-Armchair Critic (Boss Tuneage)




PLANET ON A CHAIN-Deprogram/Reprogram (demo)

BOOTLICKER-It’s Beautiful (Neon Taste)

HARAM-Your President, Not A President (Toxic State)

PIG//CONTROL-Kreuz (HeartFirst)

TRIAGE-White Eyes (Larry Tony Produzioni)

WHORES OF WAR-Good Son (self-released)


VON ZIPPERS-Blue Suit Bullies (Estrus)

BRUTAL KNIGHTS-Teen Sex (Deranged)

ZODIAC KILLERS-My Boyfriend Is A Masochist (Rip Off)

YOUNG LOSERS-That’s It (Rip Off)

HOMICIDES-I Hate You (Vertex)

X-RAYS-Jameson Shot (Big Neck)


JOINT D-Rote Atlas (Sorry State)

CRAZY SPIRIT-I’m Dead (Mata La Musika)

TV SLIME-No One (Byaaaaaah!)

INSERVIBLES-No Mos Dieron Ni Madres (Shogun)

ANIMAL MOTHER-Hate Fuck (demo)




LOS NUNS-Media Control (Rosko)

THE NEED-Mind Split Open (Aggravation Overdose)

MODULATED TONES-Dope (self-released)


KLEENEX-Ain’t You (Kill Rock Stars)

ESSENTIAL LOGIC-Aerosol Burns (Rough Trade)

FATAL MICROBES-Beautiful Pictures (Small Wonder)

DIABLESSE GRUPP 6-Född I Farstun (Re-Ken)

ANEMIC BOYFRIENDS-Guys Are Not Proud (Red Sweater)


TUGBOAT ANNIE-Jack-Knife (Sonic Bubblegum)