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MARCH 18, 2019


      Catching up a bit on the new and recent releases this week but still finding time to mix in older songs, as well, I go back to the early 60s, paying tribute to surf guitar legend and pioneer Dick Dale, who passed away yesterday. His music certainly had an influence on punk, especially Agent Orange (who covered “Miserlou,” his best-known song and the one you probably know from “Pulp Fiction) and Dead Kennedys… and just about every surf style band. A true innovator.


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Track 4




CHAOS CHANNEL-The Bird, Singing At Non-Reality (SPHC)


URANIUM CLUB-Flashback Arrestor (Fashionable Idiots)

ISS-One Sided Triangle (from “American Idylls,” Sorry State)

BAD BAD-Another Insect Bite (Goodbye Boozy)

M.A.Z.E.-Zipper Back (demo)

CLARKO-Medeocre Man (Iron Lung)

PRIMETIME-Get A Grip (La Vida Es Un Mus)


DICK DALE-Nitro (Hightone) in memory of Dick Dale

DICK DALE-Del-Tone Rock (Sundazed)

FLESHTONES-The Theme From “The Vindicators” (IRS)

SECRET AFFAIR-Let Your Heart Dance (Sire)

CLASH-Junco Partner (Epic)




PANDEMIX-Can’t Assimilate (Dirt Cult)

DURS COEURS-Assez C’est Assez (MMM)

LA VASE-Plan (Phantom)

NUCLEAR SPRING-Mos Maiorum (Hysteria)


NEON (Oakland)-Had He Had Time To Think (demo)

NEON (Switzerland)-Neon (Water Wing)

COATHANGERS-Don’t Touch My Shit (Die Slaughterhaus)

SPK-Mekano (Vinyl-On-Demand)

REMA-REMA-International Space (4AD)


DUMB VISION-1254 (Big Neck)

DRAGGS-Edible Space (Slime Street)

SAURIANS-Teenage Paranoia (demo)

X-NIPPLES-Rabid Dogs (self-released)

FATTY CAKES AND THE PUFF PASTRIES-Internet Bitch (Emotional Response)




ADRENALIN OD-Status Symbol (Beer City)

CON/800-Nuke Warz (demo)

DR. KNOW-Watch It Burn (Mystic)

DIE KREUZEN-Rumors (Touch and Go)

OFFENDERS-Face Down In The Dirt (Rabid Cat)

STATE-All Wrong (Underestimated)

AMERICAN CHEESEBURGER-1020’s Sweet Moves (No Idea)


LITHICS-Dancing Guy (Kill Rock Stars)

FAMILY CURSE-Julia Armant (Drawing Room)



METHOD ACTORS-The Method (Armageddon)

FLESH EATERS-No Questions Asked (Upsetter)

WIRE-French Film Blurred (Pinkflag)

THE CURE-I’m Cold (Rhino)




FRIED EGG-Grin and Bear (Feel It)

GUTTER KNIFE-Turncoat (Quality HC)

SLANT-Scorn (Iron Lung)

SHITTY LIFE-We Are Dead (Spastic Fantastic)

BRUTAL KNIGHTS-My Life My Fault (Deranged)

SUNSHINE SS-Teen Choices (Sacred Plague)

SUNPOWER-Bored Generation (Still Holding On)


COUTEAU LATEX-Morphee (Goner)

DROOL-Example (demo)

GIZZARDS-Means Of Destruction (demo)

DESTRUCTION UNIT-Warm Leatherette (Empty)


KUSTOMIZED-The Place Where People Meet (Matador)