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FEBRUARY 22, 2021


      It’s tribute time—well, I’m not sure I’d call it a tribute because Rush Limbaugh isn’t someone I want to pay tribute to. And I won’t call it a celebration, even though I can’t say I’m shedding any tears over his death. So let’s call it a retrospective, at least the first few minutes, where you hear some of his “greatest hits,” i.e. some of the vile invective that polluted the airwaves in this country and just brought what’s always been there to the surface. Since then, the right-wing media echo chamber has continued to grow and expand, leading to an extremist crop of right-wing politicians, culminating with Trump’s four years of hell. And as much as I’d like to ignore them, the cult-like followers of Trump and Limbaugh aren’t going anywhere. So, one down, countless many to go…


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Track 1

Track 2

Track 3

Track 4




PANTHRO UK UNITED 13-Dead Asshole (No Idea)


TØRSÖ-Home Wrecked (Revelation)

KRIMEWATCH-Coward (demo)

FIREWALKER-Out Of Time (Lockin Out)

KADRE-Illegal Justice (demo)

MACE-Terror Visions (demo)

SLANT-Hunger (Iron Lung)

VIOLENT REACTION-Leave Me Out (Revelation)


FREAK GENES-Power Station (Feel It)

SILICONE PRAIRIE-Dance To The Beat (Feel It)

PRIMITIVE TEETH-Bubble of Me (Dirt Cult)

BLANK SPELL-Malign Eye (World Gone Mad/Cruel Noise)



SICKOIDS-Empty Death (Grave Mistake/Sorry State)

TOTAL ABUSE-DNA Evidence (Deranged)

THE BUG-Opinionated (IFB/Not Normal)





DNA-5:30 (No More)

YOU’VE GOT FOETUS ON YOUR BREATH-I Am Surrounded By Incompetence (Self Immolation)

SPK-Mekano (Vinyl-On-Demand)


RONG-Milton Friedman’s Big Dumb Dream (Midnight Werewolf)

MULTICULT-Afterward (Reptilian)

BRANDY-Rent Quest (Total Punk)


KILLING CHILDREN-Killing Children (Gravelvoice)

AGENT ORANGE-Your Mother Sucks Cocks In Hell (Gummopunx)

MOB 47-Dom Ljuger (self-released)

SAS-The Sport Of Gentlemen (Spomion and Scrotox)

VARUKERS-Protest and Survive (Riot City)

MAU MAUS-Society’s Rejects (Captain Oi)

DBF-Mass Destruction (Pøbel)




THE COWBOY-From The Grave (Feel It)

CUMGIRL8-Hourglass (Sacred Bones)

EXIT GROUP-Soft Option (Castle Face)

BLACK BLACK-Pedestrians Walk At Their Own Risk (EWEL)

ADVLTS-Fortune Teller (Toxic Pop)


LIBERTY-As Fools Rush In (Mortarhate)

SUBURBAN HOMES-Welcome To Shitsville (Total Punk)

KIDS OF ZOO-Prawn Off Shotgun (Adagio830)

LEISURE WORLD-Boys Club (demo)

NITE SCHOOL-Pleaser (Saucepan)


DEATH TRAP-No Hicks (Feral Kid/Warm Bath)

MENTALLY ILL-All Mixed Up (Alternative Tentacles)

ELEKTROCHOK-The Doomed Generation (from “Paere Punk,” EMI)

DELINQUENTS-Do You Have A Job For A Girl Like Me? (Live Wire)

PJ BONNEMAN-Jeg Kendte Dem Ikke (Spild Af Vinyl)

LEFT NUT-Everything It Takes To Be An Asshole (Classy)




BILL HICKS-Rush Limbaugh (Ryko)

SUCCESS IN DEATH-Rush Limbaugh Must Die (self-released)


RENEGADES OF PUNK-Same Old Shit (Thrashbastard)

C.H.E.W.-Noise Square (Iron Lung)

GESTURE-Poisonous Isle (from “Achtung ADK,” Billo)

WARP-Eat Dust (Thrilling Living)

NEIGHBORHOOD BRATS-Nina’s Ghost (Dirt Cult)

CHUBBY AND THE GANG-Can’t Tell Me Nothing (Static Shock)


GLUE TRAPS-Falling Backwards (To Live A Lie)

MOONSHINE-2Hell 2Nite (self-released)

CRACKERBASH-Song For Lon Mabon (Empty)

CIRCUS LUPUS-Pacifier (Dischord)


VERBAL ASSAULT-Trial (Atomic Action)