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MARCH 20, 2017


Chuck Berry, one of true pioneers of rock ‘n roll, passed away over the weekend at 90. Yeah, that’s a cliché, a bit of hyperbole but, in this case, it’s true. Just about every rock and punk band owes a debt to him. As I read through various tributes, some have dwelled on the less-savory aspects of his personal life. Thing is that applies to many musical legends and performers in general, unless you’re someone like Pat Boone or other white-bread performers of the time. And the squeaky-clean ones have their own issues. Boone has become a hate-filled right-wing crank. There was an attempt to sanitize rock ‘n roll, remove any sort of “blackness” (if I can use that term) from it. People like Chuck Berry, Little Richard and other African-American performers scared the shit out of white America, they posed a real threat to some people. I’m not excusing what Chuck Berry did but I don’t think it should nullify what he accomplished. So those who are saying it’s not a great loss probably don’t have a clue about this music… that’s their problem and they don’t have to listen. Go listen to whiny, self-righteous pabulum. You won’t hear that on this show. Anyway, I play a few of his songs and a number of cover versions—some of the obvious selections, some perhaps a bit more obscure… enjoy!


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Track 4




CHUCK BERRY-Let It Rock (Chess)


TEENGENERATE-Baby Doll (Munster)

JACK O’ FIRE-Slow Down Little Jaguar (Estrus)

A-BONES-Tulane (Norton)

GERMS-Round and Round (Slash)

SILICON TEENS-Memphis Tennessee (Sire)

TOY DOLLS-No Particular Place To Go (Captain Oi!)


IDLES-Heel/Heal (Bailey)

MOD VIGIL-Trout Casualty (X-Mist)

HARAM-Put It In Your Head (Toxic State)

MALL CASTE-Decrative Class (demo)

DIRTY + HIS FISTS-Belt You Down (demo)




CLASH-White Riot (CBS)

STARJETS-Ten Years (Captain Oi)

CHORDS-Maybe Tomorrow (Polydor)

DIODES-We’re Ripped (Columbia)



PISSED JEANS-It’s Your Knees (Sub Pop)

ROHT-LIF (self-released)

HEZ-Mujer (World Gone Mad)

UNDER PRESSURE-Black Bile (Fashionable Idiots)


CHAIN GANG-Son Of Sam (Matador) in memory of Jimmy Breslin


HABEAS CORPUS-Steal You Blind (from “Nardcore,” Mystic)

LETHAL OVERDOSE-Spit. Spit. Spit. (Collision Course)

SORE THROAT-Channel Zero Reality (Zero)




EJECTOR SEATS-Put A Lid On It (Collision Course)

BLEEDING GUMS-Cold Spell (demo)

COACHWHIPS-Like Food, It Feeds (Narnack)

TEARS-Miss Queen (Trick Knee)

LORD HIGH FIXERS-Poppa Hoodoo (Scooch Pooch)

NASHVILLE PUSSY-Go Motherfucker Go (Get Hip)


S-21-Brass Gavel (World Gone Mad/Slugsalt)

X=-2042 (self-released)

SILVER SCREAMS-Dead Air (self-released)

CAREER SUICIDE-Tighten The Screws (Deranged)

RATS IN THE WALL-How To Spot A Narcissist (demo)


SKI PATROL-Agent Orange (Malicious Damage)

MEKONS-Where Were You? (Fast)

SECTOR 27-Looking At You (IRS)




KUSTOMIZED-The Place Where People Meet (Matador)

OUGHT-Celebration (Constellation)

THE CROATON-3,000 (Love Earth Music)


HUMPERS-Run, Run Rudolph (from “Punk Rock Xmas,” Rhino)

HUDSON FALCONS-Little Queenie (Street Anthem)

SONIC’S RENDEZVOUS BAND-Sweet Little Sixteen (Devil’s Jukebox)

CHUCK BERRY-Roll Over Beethoven (Chess)


ELECTRIC LIGHT ORCHESTRA-Roll Over Beethoven (United Artists)