Welcome to the webpage for Sonic Overload. As my regular listeners know by now, I play punk, hardcore, garage and other loud music, although there are surprises from time to time as well as decidedly slanted commentary on the “issues of the day” and that’s also presented through song selections and audio clips.


All of the shows from January 2009 to the present are archived for download at sonicoverload.blogspot.com. And check out the Facebook page.


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AUGUST 10, 2020


      It’s hot, I’ve just ordered takeout pizza so I’m just going to post the show and go grab some food. My job here is done, your job is to listen. Enjoy!


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SWELL MAPS-Let’s Build A Car (Mute)


ABSOLUTION-Dead and Gone (Temperance) in memory of Alan Peters

AGNOSTIC FRONT-Crucial Moment (Combat)

SAVAGE AMUSED-I Want (Mind Cure)

WHITE TRASH-Wake Up (Local Anesthetic)

DISORDER-Maternal Obsession (Anagram)

NEGATIVE APPROACH-Lost Cause (from “Process of Elimination,” Touch and Go)

YOUTH PATROL-America’s Power (from “Process of Elimination,” Touch and Go)


FATTY CAKES AND THE PUFF PASTRIES-Internet Bitch (Emotional Response)

M.A.Z.E.-Pink Wall (demo)

X-NIPPLES-Rabid Dogs (self-released)

BUGS AND RATS-Boys Are Dumb (Feeding Tube)

PERENNIAL-Fauves (Howling Frequency)



URINALS-Sex (Warning Label)

ANGRY SAMOANS-You Stupid Asshole (Bad Trip)

CHEIFS-Blues (Dr. Strange)

X-White Girl (Slash)




UNWOUND-Vern’s Answer To The Masses/Here Come The Dogs (Kill Rock Stars) in memory of Vern Rumsey

UNWOUND-Lucky Acid (Kill Rock Stars)

UNWOUND-Entirely Different Matters (Kill Rock Stars)

UNWOUND-Murder Movies (Kill Rock Stars)

UNWOUND-Stumbling Block (Kill Rock Stars)


GELD-Forces At Work (Iron Lung)

OILY BOYS-Given (Cool Death)

CTRL GROUP-Ctrl Society (Sorry State)

POLLUTION-Black Commune (Desensitized)


GENERATION X-No No No (Chrysalis)

SUBS-Gimme Your Heart (Stiff)

THE JAM-News Of The World (Polydor)





ILS-Whitemeat (Pogo)

USA NAILS-Revolution Worker (Bigout)

UNIFORM OPERATOR-Soft Flesh Hard Face (Peterwalkee)

OLD CITY-Pipebomb (self-released)


IRON MAIDEN-Wrathchild (Capitol) in memory of Martin Birch

VENOM-Blood Lust (Neat)

CELTIC FROST-Return To The Eve (Noise)


THEE FINE LINES-I Wish You’d Go Away (Sweet Time)

INHALANTS-Kill You (Unclean)

BORIS THE SPRINKER-My Cock’s On Drugs (Beer City)

TRAMPOLINE TEAM-Kill You On The Streetcar (Neck Chop)

VAXINE-In Decline (self-released)




KILLING JOKE-Who Told You How? (EG)

PUBLIC IMAGE LTD-Banging The Door (Warner Bros.)

URBAN VERBS-In The Heat (Warner Bros.)


LEATHER LICKERS-Be Suburban (Cool Death)

ACRYLICS-Shame (Iron Lung)

MIND SPIDERS-Deserve (Dirtnap)

THE MUST-Crumble (Abnormal Broadcasting)

LA MISMA-Martiz e Vidro (Toxic State)


HOLLIES-Long Cool Woman In A Black Dress (Epic)