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NOVEMBER 24, 2014


††††† Itís the last Monday of November (already!) and time for the annual all-covers show. Iíve got a good mix of songs that havenít been played in the past along with some that I have to play almost every year. Any band can cover a song but it takes something extra to make it memorable. I try to stay away from covers that are a carbon copy of the original. Even if there are similarities, if itís played with a kick-ass, go-for-broke intensity, itís worth hearing. And there are always songs that are more obscure and not covered by multiple bands. I even snuck in a few requests this year.

††††† Enjoy! Back to our regularly scheduled programming next week (as well as on Stench Radio this week)...

††††† PS... after posting, I found out that the Devoid of Faith song is an original, not a cover. Oops! Still a kick-ass song...


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Track 1

Track 2

Track 3

Track 4




YEASTIE GIRLZ-Orgasm Addict (Buzzcocks) (Lookout)


HATCHET FACE-I Donít Belong (Jerryís Kids) (Figure Four)

VIOLENT ARREST-Wired (Jerryís Kids) (Deranged)

FYP-Preskool Dropouts (FUís) (Recess)

CHARLES BRONSON-Whatís Wrong With Me? (Faith) (Youth Attack)

KNIFE FIGHT-Together (Negative FX) (self-released)

VOETSEK-Mind Control (Negative FX) (Six Weeks)

SCROTUM GRINDER-No Friend Of Mine (Slapshot) (No Idea)


STOIC VIOLENCE-Do They Owe Us A Living? (Crass) (Video Disease)

DISSOBER-Grave New World (Discharge) (Distortion)

BITCHARGE-The Nightmare Continues (Discharge) (self-released)

EN KERNAGHEN BAND-Kan Not [Cunt Tease] (Pussy Galore) (Kelang)

GOD IS MY CO-PILOT-Totally Wired (The Fall) (Atavistic)


VAGUESS-Hang Up (Wailers) (self-released)

NAKED HIPPY-Cinderella (Sonics) (Smile Or Die)

INSULTS-Steppiní Out (Paul Revere & The Raiders) (Brain Transplant)

MELT-BANANA-Surfiní USA (Beach Boys) (Tzadik)

REAL LOSERS-Mongoloid (Devo) (Alien Snatch)




DEVOID OF FAITH-Fortress (not a cover!) (Hater Of God)

DEATHREAT-Dear Sirs (Koro) (Partners In Crime)

DUMBSTRUCK-Pure Hate (Poison Idea) (Boss Tuneage)

LIFE CRISIS-Sick Of Talk (Negative Approach) (Get Revenge)

SPAZZ-Stabbed In The Back (Youth of Today) (Slap A Ham)

FISHSTICKS-Mommy, Can I Go Out and Kill Tonight? (Misfits) (Theologian)

SONIC YOUTH-Nic Fit (Untouchables) (DGC)

CRANK-Democracy Spawns Bad Taste (Crucifucks) (self-released)


REDS-Dead End America (Pagans) (Turkey Baster)

PAGANS-Canít Explain (The Who) (Crypt)

DRAGS-Flying Saucer Rock Ďn Roll (Billy Lee Riley) (Empty)

TEENGENERATE-Shake Rattle & Roll (Big Joe Turner) (Crypt)

SUICIDE KINGS-Bad Boy (Larry Williams) (Adult Negro)

TRUST FUND BABIES-Teen Love Song (Consumers) (Rapid Pulse)


FUíS-Green Beret (Barry Sadler) (Taang)

DAMNED-Help (Beatles) (MCA)

REZILLOS-Glad All Over (Dave Clark Five) (Sire)

DICKIES-She (Monkees) (A&M)

SHOWCASE SHOWDOWN-Bouffant Headbutt (Shampoo) (Tario)

4 SIDS-Kill (Alberto y Lost Trios Paranoias) (self-released)




NEW BOMB TURKS-Just Head (Nervous Eaters) (Crypt)

DIDJITS-Monkey Suit (Plasmatics) (Touch and Go)

NINE SHOCKS TERROR-Romanticist (The Stalin) (Sound Pollution)

MUDHONEY-Fix Me (Black Flag) (Sub Pop)

SECOND WIND-Mr. Suit (Wire) (R&B)

RADIO BIRDMAN-Youíre Gonna Miss Me (13th Floor Elevators) (Sire)


THE SHINING-Slow Death (AccŁsed) (Pick Up)

TOXIC HOLOCAUST-Wargasm (L7) (Relapse)

MELVINS-Lexicon Devil (Germs) (Atlantic)

DIE KREUZEN-Land of Treason (Germs) (Touch and Go)

KUSTOMIZED-Better Off Dead (LaPeste) (Mag Wheel)


PEER PRESSURE-Eve Of Destruction (Barry McGuire) (Break My Face)

GRABBIES-Drug Store (Dwarves) (Proud To Be Idiot)

VALLEY BOYS-Modern World (Modern Lovers) (Cut The Cord That...)

ACID BATH-Donít Talk To Me (GG Allin & The Jabbers) (self-released)

WHITE PAGES-Get Your Woofing Dog Off Me (Jerks) (Canít Stand Ya!)

NIP DRIVERS-Fox On The Run (Sweet) (Taang)




NOMEANSNO-New Age (DOA) (Allied)

KILLDOZER-Cinnamon Girl (Neil Young) (Touch and Go)

UNSANE-4-Stix (Led Zeppelin) (Matador)

THE MEN-Gates Of Steel (Devo) (Karmic Swamp)

NIRVANA-Turnaround (Devo) (DGC)


UK SUBS-Sheís Not There (Zombies) (Captain Oi)

THE JAM-Slow Down (Larry Williams) (Polydor)

GENRAL FOODZ-Love Potion #9 (Clovers) (Destiny)

TEENAGE HEAD-Wild One (Johnny OíKeefe) (Attic)

FLYING LIZARDS-Money (Barrett Strong) (Virgin)


MAGAZINE-I Love You, You Big Dummy (Captain Beefheart) (IRS)