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MARCH 19, 2018


      Hard to believe but it’s been 15 years since George W. Bush got the US into the illegal, immoral military exercise known as Operation Iraqi Freedom. A pointless war predicated purely on lies and one that cost thousands of lives—military and civilian. And Obama didn’t extricate US troops from that quagmire until a few years into his presidency. The saber rattling continues to this day, as the endless cycle of war continues. As you’d expect, some of the songs on this week’s show touch on that theme…


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PROFITS-Shock & Awe (Active)


SLEEPER CELL-Bombs Under Baghdad (Cries Of Pain)

BORN IN HELL-War Drums (Painkiller)

BORN/DEAD-Endless War (Prank)

BURY THE LIVING-Baghdad Skies (Soul Is Cheap)

THE VIRUS-Bomb Drop (Punk-Core)

ANTI-YOU-Johnny Baghdad (Six Weeks)

URBN DK-Politically KKKorrect (Beer City)


CYBERPLASM-Mutate For Power (demo)

RESOURCE GROUP-Overtime Systems (demo)

NEON-Bodies (demo)

NAG-Thugs (demo)

SOFT MOON-Burn (Sacred Bones)


SKINNED ALIVE-Forced To Die (demo)

OPTION-The Front Page (demo)

GELD-Come Into The Legion (demo)

BETA BLOCKERS-Abyss Creation (Static Shock)

SUBVERSIVE RITE-Wretched Bond (demo)

RABID DOGS-Little White Lines (Aarght!)




ARCWELDER-What Did You Call It That For? (Touch and Go)

ENO-Needles In The Camel’s Eye (Island)

STARJETS-Ten Years (Epic)


RAD-Child Hosts The Parasite/All I Know (demo)

CLUSTERFUCK-Arizona City Anthem/I Try I Might (self-released)

STIFF MIDDLE FINGERS-Manically Delicious (Black Site)

I QUIT-Death Of A Salesman (Busted Heads)

NINPULATORS-Lust Under Cover (demo)

PREFECTURE-Patriot Act (demo)

BOB EVANS-Dead Broke (Skene!)


VENTURES-The 2000 Pound Bee (Part 1) (EMI) in memory of Nokie Edwards

VENTURES-Driving Guitars (unreleased version)

FLESHTONES-Theme From “The Vindicators” (IRS)

STRAY CATS-Runaway Boys (EMI)





SCALLY-Rey Del Cielo (self-released)

VAASKA-Destruye (Hardware)

MERCY KILLINGS-Destroy It Again (Beach Impediment)

MANIPULATION-Back Of The Yards (Sorry State)

TRAGEDY-No End In Sight (Armageddon)

TOTALITÄR-Tom Information (YOJ)


PLUGZ-Mindless Contentment (Slash) in memory of Charlie Quintana

URINALS-Scholastic Aptitude (Warning Label)

VIRUELA-Escape (demo)

HANK WOOD & THE HAMMERHEADS-Trapped and Alone In It (Toxic State)

M.A.Z.E.-Spread the Girmicide (demo)

COLA FREAKS-Nej! (Local Cross)


PAJAMA SLAVE DANCERS-Homo Truck Driving Man (Pajamarama)

JON WAYNE-Mr. Egyptian (Fistpuppet)

DETENTION-Dead Rock ‘n’ Rollers (GTA)

MENTALLY ILL-Tumor Boy (Alternative Tentacles)

MEATMEN-Becoming A Man (Touch and Go)

FIENDS-Die Bob Die (Bemisbrain)




MS GENTUR-Iraqi Freedom (Spectre)

SIX FINGER SATELLITE-The Greatest Hit (Sub Pop)

PAIN TEENS-Pleasures Of The Flesh (Trance)

HELIOS CREED-The Federation (Amphetamine Reptile)


SKI PATROL-Agent Orange (Malicious Damage)

KILLING JOKE-Pssyche (Malicious Damage)

APB-Talk To Me (Link)


FINAL CONFLICT-Shattered Mirror (Pusmort)