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AUGUST 12, 2019


      I neglected to put together a tribute for Celibate Rifles vocalist Damien Lovelock, who passed away a few weeks ago. They’re one of those bands I had the opportunity to see but never did. File that under the “what was I thinking?” department. There are some bands that fall into that category—I didn’t see them because of inertia or having a conflict. Then there are bands that never make it here, including more underground bands, because there aren’t places to play up here. I’m talking about the DIY circuit. Everything ebbs and flows and it’s been a little better lately but I don’t think we’ve ever completely recovered from the loss of the Boiler Room, Non-Factory and Markus Basket. Sure, there are good club shows but they’re still lacking something. Ah well… I really can’t complain too much…


To stream or download, click on each link...


Track 1

Track 2

Track 3

Track 4




ZOUNDS-War/Subvert (Crass)


CELIBATE RIFLES-Jesus On TV (What Goes On) in memory of Damien Lovelock

CELIBATE RIFLES-Back In The Red (What Goes On)

CELIBATE RIFLES-Sometimes (Rough Trade)

CELIBATE RIFLES-A Word About Jones (What Goes On)

CELIBATE RIFLES-Bill Bonney Regrets (Rough Trade)


GAY ANNIVERSARY-I Don’t Care (Risk Input)

UV RACE-Murder (Aarght!)

VANILLA POPPERS-Where You Told Me I Belong (Lumpy)

ORIGINAL THREE-This Way Is The Way I’m Walking (Empty)


MELT-BANANA-Circle-Jack (A-Zap)




IMPACT UNIT-My Friends & The Pit (Crucial Repsonse) in memory of Julie Angermann

SS DECONTROL-The Kids Will Have Their Say (X-Claim)

PTL KLUB-Sea Of Hate (Mystic)

WHITE CROSS-Fly Their Flag (Zero Degree)

F-Citizen’s Arrest (self-released)

WHITE FLAG-Question of Intelligence (from “Flipside Vinyl Fanzine,” Gasatanka)

LANDLORDS-Let’s Be Negative (Feel It)


ALPHA HOPPER-Whatever Winter (Radical Empathy)

FRAU-EBD (self-released)

HOMOSTUPIDS-Caveman (Parts Unknown)

MINIMA-Destruye (Static Shock)

STRESSHOLD-Vremya Reshat (demo)

A-LINES-Wrong Way Home (SFTRI)


PUBLIC ACID-Flag Fetish (from “American Idylls,” Sorry State)

MACE-Bad Scene (demo)

CONSCRIPTS-Autonomy (demo)

AUSTERITY-Modernity (demo)

AJAX-Money Of Fools (Even Worse)

MALE PATTERNS-Help Ourselves (Peterwalkee)

BRAIN HANDLE-Out Of Touch (No Way)




NEON-Lobotomy (Disordine)

OTO-Anyway (Danger)


SUDOR-Vais Deprisa (Beat Generation)

BUGS AND RATS-Hole In The Ocean (Feeding Tube)

BAD NOIDS-Ticket To Mars (self-released)

TEARS-Miss Queen (Trick Knee)

THE MISS-Question & Answer Session (Morphius)

NIG-HEIST-Love In Your Mouth (Drag City)


VCR-Bugs Bugs Bugs/Slap Your Mammy (self-released)

BPEOPLE-Weather To Worry (Faulty)

SPLIT ENZ-Shark Attack (A&M)

EDIE & THE EGGS-Punks, Get Off The Grass (Big Spurt)




USA NAILS-Creative Industries (Bigout)

BAD BREEDING-Brave New Church (One Little Indian)

LIÉ-Birthday Party (Monofonus Press)

HASH REDACTOR-Good Sense (Goner)


FLUX OF PINK INDIANS-Tube Disaster (Crass)

OUTSIDERS-Calling On Youth (Gift Of Life)

CIRCLE JERKS-What’s Your Problem? (Frontier)

DEPARTMENT S-Going Left Right (Stiff)


RASPBERRIES-Tonight (Capitol)