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SEPTEMBER 13, 2021


      And the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks has passed… I saw some memes where people said they wish it could be 9/12 again, because we were all united—no Democrats or Republicans, just Americans. That, of course, largely didn’t apply to Muslims and other dark-skinned people. It didn’t apply to anyone who dared to question or protest the hyper-patriotism and extreme nationalism that followed. A few have draw a direct line from what happened after 9/11 to the January 6 attacks on the US Capitol by right wing extremists. In some ways, it’s just the culmination of what’s happened over those past 20 years.

      But I won’t dwell on it—as always, this show is dedicated to the memory of Jane Simpkin, who died that day… it’s also dedicated to Adam Wilson, a longtime supporter of this show, as well as a DJ on Old FX Punk Radio and Stench Radio. He’s also published two books about LA punk gangs, which he belonged to from the early 80s to early 90s. RIP, Adam…


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JELLO BIAFRA-The Big Ka-Boom (Alternative Tentacles)

PINKO AND THE ACTION BOYS-9/11 Is A Joke (self-released)


HARAM-Where Were You On 9/11? (Toxic State)

HOLDING ON-The Greatest Trick The Devil Ever Played (Bridge Nine)

WORLD BURNS TO DEATH-The Sucking Of The Missile Cock (Hardcore Holocaust)

WITCH HUNT-War-Coma (Profane Existence)

KNIFE FIGHT-United We Stand (from “Mein Comp,” Youth Attack)


PUNISHMENT OF LUXURY-Brainbomb (United Artists)

MEKONS-I’ll Have To Dance Then (On My Own) (Fast)

THE FALL-Prole-Art Threat (Rough Trade)

JOY DIVISION-Warsaw (Qwest)


REARRANGED FACE-Dreadful Apparition (Tomothy)

FREAKEES-Republicans (Tomothy)

IMPLODERS-Dimwit (Neon Taste)

CHAIN WHIP-Laguna Beach (Neon Taste)

ACID CASUALTIES-Against The Wall (Neon Taste)

RUBBLE-Manufactured Insecurities (Distort Reality)




POP RIVETS-Skip Off School (Sub Pop)

REPLACEMENTS-Fuck School (Twin-Tone)

LANDLORDS-School For The Dead/Let’s Go (Catch Trout)

CRIMINALS-My School Sucks (Lookout)

DISSIDENTS-Detention (Smog Veil)

WRECKS-High School Anthem (demo)

PINKEYE-In Praise of School Shooters (Slasher)


CEMENT SHOES-Unite The Right In Hell (Feel It)

GLOWING BRAIN-Suffer Fools (demo)

CTRL GROUP-Blood Sausage (Sorry State)

SSSSSSS-Best Value (demo)

FATAL-Strategic Racism (Bunker Punks)


PRETENDERS-Tattooed Love Boys (Sire)

REZILLOS-Cold Wars (Sire)

DICKIES-You Drive Me Ape, You Big Gorilla (A&M)

CHELSEA-Decide (Step Forward)




BEND SINISTER-You Wrecked ‘Em A.L.L. (Homeless)

SCIENCE MAN-Brazilian Napkins (Big Neck)

SLUMP-(Do The) Sonic Sprawl (Feel It)

MOTH-Digital Crisis (self-released)

STRUCTURE-Waste (demo)


CHALK CIRCLE-Scrambled (Mississippi)

RESOURCE NETWORK-Artificial Flavors (Goodbye Boozy)

CB RADIO GORGEOUS-Love Countdown (Not Normal)

CELIBATE RIFLES-Jesus On TV (What Goes On?)

COSMIC PSYCHOS-I’m Up You’re Out (Amphetamine Reptile)


MUJERES PODRIDAS-Te Odio (Beach Impediment)

PIGEON-Narrow-Mindedness (Adagio830)

NATURAL CAUSES-Bad Habits (Sorry State)

NAIL POLISH-Daily Basis (demo)

SPAM RISK-Fuck The Kids (self-released)




FLIPPER-Living For The Depression (Subterranean)

THE STATE-No Illusions (Statement)


LOOK BACK AND LAUGH-This Cost We Absorb (Lengua Armada)

BRAIN KILLER-So Much Hate (Deranged)

KATASTRAFIALUE-Veriset Piikit (Crucial Blast)

SHORT CHANGED-Fuck You, Fight Me (Rodent Popsicle/Goat Power Recreation)


BAUHAUS-In The Flat Field (4AD)

BIRTHDAY PARTY-Sonny’s Burning (4AD)


L-SEVEN-Insanity (Touch and Go)


COCTEAU TWINS-Wax and Wane (4AD)