Welcome to the webpage for Sonic Overload. As my regular listeners know by now, I play punk, hardcore, garage and other loud music, although there are surprises from time to time as well as decidedly slanted commentary on the “issues of the day” and that’s also presented through song selections and audio clips.


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JANUARY 13, 2020


      And we reset the clock and start a new calendar year of “regular” shows, after the last two weeks of specials. This week includes a tribute to Big Black bass player Dave Riley, who passed away a few weeks ago. Enjoy…


Track 1

Track 2

Track 3

Track 4




NO FUCKER-Maelstrom Of Decay (No Real Music)


LITHICS-Edible Door (demo)

COCHONNE-Horror-Scope (Sorry State)

XV-Saran Wrap (Life Like)

PRONTO-Escape (Musica Desechable)

ILINX-Murky Water (demo)

FOC-15 (demo)


ANTIDOTE-Life As One (Antidote)

AGNOSTIC FRONT-Friend Or Foe (self-released)

CAUSE FOR ALARM-True Colors (self-released)

NO THANKS-Are You Ready To Die? (Lengua Armada)

SAVAGE CIRCLE-Kill Corps (Big City)

NEOS-Conscripts (Rat Cage)

DETONATORS-Condemned To Freedom (EBS)

CHARGE-Destroy The Youth (Kamera)

ARTICLES OF FAITH-Bad Attitude (Version Sound)


GINO AND THE GOONS-You Ain’t Shit (Big Neck)

SEX SCENES-One Foot In The Grave (Big Neck)

FUTILITY MEN-My Son (Big Neck)

DASHER-Soviet (Jagjaguwar)

NIGHTFREAK-Blade Of The Knife (What’s For Breakfast)




TIGHTS-Howard Hughes (Cherry Red)

SLAUGHTER AND THE DOGS-Boston Babies (Decca)

GROUND ZERO-Nothing (self-released)

DEADBEATS-Kill The Hippies (Dangerhouse)


FULL SPEED AHEAD-Overload (Manic Ride)

JOHN BROWNS ARMY-Playing With Fire (Gloom)

BASTARD SONS OF APOCALYPSE-Wave Of Death (Todo Destruido)

CRIATURAS-Mentiras (Lengua Armada)

ZODD-Operationally Ready Dead (La Vida Es Un Mus)

WOLFPACK-No Neo Bastards (Farewell)

S.H.I.T.-Masochism (Iron Lung)


DIÄT-Foreign Policy (Iron Lung)

SECOND LAYER-Fixation (Cherry Red)

JOSEF K-Heads Watch (Domino)




CESSPOOL-Buried (Adult Crash)

SCREAMING FIST-Oxidacíon (Iron Lung)

NUCLEAR SPRING-Prose Kinema (demo)

HACKER-Degrade (demo)

SANCTION A-Pain (demo)

NANDAS-Butterfly Exhibit (Toxic State)

CRETE-Praise The Machine (from “American Idylls,” Sorry State)


REATARDS-Sick When I See (Empty)

JAY REATARD-Not A Substitute (In The Red)

FINAL SOLUTIONS-Disco Eraser (Misprint)

T. REX-Chariot Choogle (Reprise)

NEW YORK DOLLS-Who Are The Mystery Girls? (Mercury)


LIQUID ASSETS-Caged (Schizophrenic)

DROPDEAD-Hatred Burning (from “Every Winter Is Cold,” Atomic Action)

FUCK IT… I QUIT!-Where They Want You (Atomic Action/Refuse)

BOSTON STRANGLER-Primitive (Fun With Smack)

NASA SPACE UNIVERSE-Peeping Toddler (self-released)

MONGOLOID-Slam Pig (Deranged)




RASPBERRY BULBS-Ultra Vires (Nuclear Blast)

ILL GLOBO-Chewy On Ya Boot (Aarght!)

ACRYLICS-Stagnant (Iron Lung)

ALIEN BIRTH-Gasoline (demo)

SKIN TAGS-I Hate Life (Already Dead)

HYGIENE-Asbestosis (from “State Funeral,” Artcore)


BIG BLACK-Kerosene (Homestead) in memory of Dave Riley

BIG BLACK-The Power Of Independent Trucking (Touch and Go)

BULL-Tindbox (Compulsive)

SAVAGE BELIEFS-Outskirts (Wasteland)


IVY GREEN-I’m Your Television (Pogo)