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NOVEMBER 28, 2016


      Welcome to my favorite show that I do each year, the all-covers Sonic Overload—a lot of new entries this year, as well as some personal favorites. I try to avoid all-covers or tribute albums since they seldom include much in the way of unique takes on songs, although there are a few exceptions here. While some of the songs here could be viewed as semi-carbon copies, that’s not the case for all of them. Hope ‘ya like it…


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PIGS-Elo Kiddies (Cheap Trick) (Solar Flare)


YOUNG LOSERS-Private Affair (Saints) (self-released)

ANAL BABES-Demolition Girl (Saints) (Big Ball)

DEATH FROM ABOVE 1979-Better Off Dead (La Peste) (Last Gang)

KAJUN SS-Automobile (Rings) (Die Slaughterhaus)

ACID BATH-Don’t Talk To Me (GG Allin) (self-released)

SUBURBAN HOMES-Part Time Punks (Television Personalities) (Total Punk)


NOTS-TVOD (The Normal) (Goner)

AMERICAN NUDISM-Fiction Romance (Buzzcocks) (demo)

RAW NERVE-I Am A Cliché (X-Ray Spex) (demo)

BITCHARGE-The Nightmare Continues (Discharge) (self-released)

STEREO TOTAL-Heroes (David Bowie) (Disko B)




SPAZM 151-Build Me A Bomb/I Hate Myself (Jerry’s Kids/Offenders) (Mind Control)

FU MANCHU-Nothing Done (SS Decontrol) (Mammoth)

GATE CRASHERS-More Than Fashion (DYS) (Parts Unknown)

REPOS-Straight Jacket (Jerry’s Kids) (Youth Attack)

SPAZZ-War In The Head (7 Seconds) (Tankcrimes)

CHARLES BRONSON-IQ 32/Punch Drunk (Necros/Hüsker ) (Youth Attack)

SCROTUM GRINDER-No Friend of Mine (Slapshot) (Prank)

DINOSAUR JR.-Chunks (Last Rights) (SST)



COLD MEAT-You’re Full Of Shit (Electric Eeels) (demo)

UROCHROMES-Chromosome Damage (Chrome) (demo)

COPS-Spiritual Cramp (Christian Death) (demo)

COME ‘N GO-Attitude (Bad Brains) (Voodoo Rhythm)

MIKA MIKO-Attitude (Misfits) (Post Present Medium)


SCUZZ-I Hate Music (The Mad) (Loud Punk)

MIA-Kill (Alberto Y Los Trios Paranoias) (Alternative Tentacles)

NEW BOMB TURKS-Job (Nubs) (Drop Kick)

TRUST FUND BABIES-Teen Love Song (Consumers) (Rapid Pulse)

CHEMO KIDS-Cranked Up Really High (Slaughter and the Dogs) (Pelado)

TYRADES-Cover Boy (City-X) (SmartGuy)




SWEET JESUS-Who Are You? (Void) (Atomic Action)

TOTAL FURY-Pay No Attention (Youth Brigade) (MCR)

INMATES-Victimised (Chaos UK) (Painkiller)

CHAOS UK-Brainbomb (Punishment of Luxury) (Creative Man)

NEUTRON RATS-Society’s Rejects (Mau Maus) (Gremlin Pogo)

THE JURY-Crash The Pose (Gauze) (Gloom)


CRIMSON SCARLET-Interzone (Joy Division) (demo)

SCRAWL-Reuters (Wire) (from “Lever,” Simple Machines)

KUSTOMIZED-Surgeon’s Girl (Wire) (Matador)

NOMOS-Vertical Slum (Swell Maps) (Katorga Works)

HEX DISPENSERS-Down In The Park (Gary Numan) (Alien Snatch)

GREEN RIVER-Ain’t Nothing To Do (Dead Boys) (Sub Pop)


ROCK-N-ROLL TERRORISTS-Free Speech For The Dumb (Discharge) (self-released)

METEORS-Go Buddy Go (Stranglers) (Cherry Red)

FEEDERZ-Peter Gunn Theme (Henry Mancini) (from “Killed By Death #13”)

R. STEVIE MOORE-Theme from A.G. (Andy and Opie Taylor—OK, not really) (Flamingo)

MARTIN MULL-Dueling Tubas (Eric Weissberg) (Capricorn)




KNOCKABOUTS-Shit Home Alabama (Lynyrd Skynyrd) (Prank)

CINDERBLOCK-At The Cost Of An Animal (Dropdead) (demo)

POLLUTION-Down (Lush) (C6)

CEMETERY-The Fan and the Bellows (Chameleons UK) (Mass Media)

KMFDM-Der Mussolini (DAF) (Metropolis)


VOETSEK-I Want More (Suicidal Tendencies) (Six Weeks)

URBN DK-Landshark (Fang) (Power Ground)

RAT BASTARDS-Get Tough (Bad Posture) (Beer City)

CELTIC FROST-Mexican Radio (Wall of Voodoo) (Noise)

ALICE DONUT-ESP (Buzzcocks) (from “Something’s Gone Wrong Again,” C/Z)


SHADOWS OF KNIGHT-Gloria ’69 (Them) (Atco)