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FEBRUARY 10, 2020


      Love Und Romance, to quote a Slits song (which I forgot to play this week!), as Valentine’s Day is marked. Well, sort of. I’m not sure if people cuddle while listening to John Brannon bray on the opening song “Love’s My Only Crime.” But I’m sometimes a romantic sort. I’m dedicating this show to my wife Ellen, who I met 41 years ago yesterday and, for some perverse reason, has put up with my nonsense and musical obsessions ever since. Definitely one in a million!


Track 1

Track 2

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Track 4




LAUGHING HYENAS-Love’s My Only Crime (Touch and Go)


DEAD BOYS-What Love Is (Sire)

PAGANS-What’s This Shit Called Love? (Drome)

DISHRAGS-I Don’t Love You (from “Vancouver Complication,” Sudden Death)

ELVIS MCMAN-Bite Me (Asbestos)

HUMPERS-Plastique Valentine (Epitaph)


RONG-Milton Friedman’s Big Dumb Dream (self-released)

NASHO-Death Cult (Nopatience)

XL HELL-I’ve Already Heard It (demo)

CYBERPLASM-United In Terror (Fuckers Will Pay)

ANTEENAGERS MC-Cars (Plastic Idol)


GEL-Turbulence (demo)

SPELL RUNNER-Burn Rate (Fuzz)

BLACK PANTIES-I Don’t Care About The Punx (demo)

FEEDBAG-Heaven’s Bush (demo)




SNIFFANY & THE NITS-Good Boy (demo)

WARP-Baby Chihuahua (Thrilling Living)

DOXX-Stab Risk (demo)

NAG-False Anxiety (Total Punk)

BLEACH EVERYTHING-Nazi Punch, Fuck Yes (Dark Operative)


ROCKET FROM THE CRYPT-Poison Eye (Perfect Sound)

CLOAK/DAGGER-Lower Estrada (Jade Tree)

DOTS-Spinal Tap (Dirt Cult)

BROWN SUGAR-Final Jeopardy (Feral Kid)

FACILITY MEN-My Son (Big Neck)


RAMONES-This Ain’t Havana (Sire)

NEGATIVE ELEMENT-Whatever Happened To Elmer Fudd? (Alona’s Dream)

SECRET HATE-Midas Touch (Skunk)

NIHILISTICS-Black Sheep (Brain Eater)

FRONT LINE-Front Line (Beach Impediment)

SLUGGO-Figure It Out (Shag Dog)




HIPS-Take Me Off Your Playlist (Going Underground)

NARCS-Doppelganger (Reel Time)


SUBURBAN HOMES-Small Town Boredom (Total Punk)

CHIN-CHIN-The World’s Burning (Mississippi)

FATAL MICROBES-Beautiful Pictures (Small Wonder)


GREY C.E.L.L.-Wreck (King Of The Monsters)

PIG CITY-Guillotine (King Of The Monsters)

DELETÄR-Violence (Kick Rock)

VICTIMS-Mary Go Round (Yellow Dog)

TOTAL ABUSE-Scarred (Deranged)

BAD BREEDING-Abandonment (One Little Indian)


THE CURE-10:15 Saturday Night (Elektra)

MAGAZINE-A Song From Under The Floorboards (Virgin)

MY BLOODY VALENTINE-You Never Should (Sire)




KUDGEL-Neo-Nozzle (Super 8)

NEW SWEET BREATH-Sky King (Ringing Ear)

THE CLEARER-Storm (Forge)

DAME-Lines (Charm School)


FRANTIX-Static Cling (Alternative Tentacles)

BABY’S BLOOD-Everybody Looks Like A Fucking Idiot (Neck Chop)

HALLELUJAH!-Wanna Dance (Maple Death)

THEE NODES-Stagedive (demo)

CARBONAS-Frothing At The Mouth (Goner)


LOCAL HEROES SW9-Stabbed In The Heart Again (Oval)