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OCTOBER 15, 2018


      Legal Weapon might be one of the most-underrated US punk bands of all time. Not everything they did was great but their Death of Innocence is an incredible album and I’ve played songs from the album frequently over the years. As I was recording the show, I found out their vocalist Kat Arthur has passed away. I played one song from that album and may play another song or two next week. I’d liked some of the songs I heard in ’82 but when I saw them in ’83, they really kicked ass and basically blew the Circle Jerks off the stage.

      This week’s show also goes out in memory of Urban Waste vocalist Kenny Ahrens, who was killed in an accident last week.


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CRUCIAL UNIT-Let’s Unite The Punx and Skinz… (Crucial Blast)


URBAN WASTE-side one of Urban Waste EP (Mob-Style) in memory of Kenny Ahrens

THE WORST-Go To Hell (Parts Unknown)

THE MOB-Crucial Point (Mob-Style)

THE HIGH & THE MIGHTY-If The Time Is Right, We’re Ready To Fight (GTA)

ABUSED-Loud and Clear (Abused Music)


BRANDY-You’re A Dentist (Monofonus Press)

TILE-Landmines (Limited Appeal)

NIET-MDZhB (self-released)

LUX VANITAS-Low Earth Orbit (25 Diamonds)


RADIATORS FROM SPACE-Television Screen (Chiswick)

KILLJOYS-Johnny Won’t Go To Heaven (Raw)

DICKIES-Poodle Party (A&M)

THE JAM-Slow Down (Polydor)





VANILLA POPPERS-Get Away From Me (Feel It)

BB AND THE BLIPS-Materialist Girl (Thrilling Living)

BAD IDEA-Bad Idea (demo)

40 WATTS-Every Time I See You I Throw Up In My Mouth A Little (demo)

SKABS-Spoleczenstwo (WACP)

INSAINTS-Stupid Boy (Maximum Rocknroll)


SCHOOL DRUGS-Not Alone (Hell Minded)

S-21-Year Zero (World Gone Mad/Slugsalt)

MIRROR-Bootlicker (Erst Theke Tonträger)

C.H.E.W.-Repeat Offenders (Iron Lung)

STUN EVENT-The Lifespan Of A Fact (Antitodo)

STIGMATISM-End Is Near (Beach Impediment)


PUBLIC IMAGE LTD-Public Image (Virgin)

GANG OF FOUR-Love Like Anthrax (Fast)

THIS SPORTING LIFE-Wasting My Time (Failsafe)




VITAMIN X-Media Messiah (Southern Lord)

SILVER SCREAMS-Alive In The Afterlife (Voodoo)

U-NIX-Liberal Hardcore (Feel It)

CONTAMINATORS-Non Existant Love (Going Underground)

AMYL AND THE SNIFFERS-Cup Of Destiny (Flightless)

KINSKI-There Goes Hot Stamper (Kill Rock Stars)


ARCWELDER-Will When You Won’t (Touch and Go)

TAR-Land Luck (Amphetamine Reptile)

BETA BOYS-Big City (Feel It)


THE SOUND-Coldbeat (Korova)


SEX CHURCH-Slipped (Instant Pleasure)





SLEAFORD MODS-Dregs (Rough Trade)

HOT SNAKES-Ungallant, Coarse and Rude (PU)

MARBLED EYE-Isle (Digital Regress)


LEGAL WEAPON-Don’t Pretend (Arsenal) in memory of Kat Arthur

BAD RELIGION-Fuck Armageddon…This Is Hell (Epitaph)

DISCHARGE-In Defence Of Our Future (Clay)

BAD POSTURE-Get Tough (Irresponsible)

URBAN ASSAULT-Join The Army (Fowl)


RICH KIDS-Ghosts Of Princes In Towers (EMI)