Welcome to the webpage for Sonic Overload. As my regular listeners know by now, I play punk, hardcore, garage and other loud music, although there are surprises from time to time as well as decidedly slanted commentary on the “issues of the day” and that’s also presented through song selections and audio clips.


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OCTOBER 14, 2019


      A pretty high energy show today, methinks. Not much in the way of mellow stuff at all. And that was before I ingested whatever rocket fuel my local chain coffee shop is peddling (not Starbucks… the other one). Well, it made it easier to get the show done, anyway. No mid-afternoon slump, that’s for sure. Buckle your seatbelts!


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ONxALERT-Mending 500 Years of Broken Trust (demo)


CRUCIAL UNIT-Columbus Fest Is A Celebration of Genocide (De La Mente)

LOS CRUDOS-500 Años (Lengua Armada)

LOS JODIDOS-500 Años De Mentiras (from “Ratas De Ciudad,” SouthKore)

TRAGATELO-Resiste La Colonizacion (Lengua Armada)

WITCH HUNT-Fed Up (Get The Axe)


SPRAY PAINT-Fleshy Boy (12XU)

PATTI-Look At My List (Erste Theke Tontraeger)

TANGENT-Mysterious Link (Estranged Communications)

UBIK-New Disease (Iron Lung)


THE MOB-Crucial Point (Mob Style) in memory of Jack Flanagan

THE MOB-Step Forward (Mob Style)

URBAN WASTE-Wasted Life (Mob Style)

HEART ATTACK-Shotgun (Broken)

EVEN WORSE-Emptying The Madhouse (from “New York Thrash,” ROIR)

MURPHY’S LAW-Skinhead Rebel (Profile)

MADBALL-Across Your Face (Wreck-Age)




BEDTIMEMAGIC-Endless Slumber (Nefarious Industries)

LIGHTNING BOLT-USA Is A Psycho (Drag City)

COMPLAINER-Fucking Droid (demo)

OWNER-Spent (demo)

PIOUS FAULTS-Useless Body (Tenth Court)

PORNOGRAPHY GLOWS-Duped Dope (self-released)


LOOSE NUKES-Behind The Screen (Beach Impediment)

SEX DWARF-No War (Konton Crasher)

PHYSIQUE-Miserable Existence (Distort Reality)

PROTOCOL-De-Militarized Zone (11 PM)

ARMOR-Fraud (11 PM)


MODERN ENGLISH-Just A Thought (Drastic Plastic)

CRISIS-UK 78 (Apop)

METABOLISMUS-Umbrellas (Bär Grillt Fisch)

LEATHER NUN-Ensam I Natt (Primitive Art)




COLLATE-Genesis Fatigue (demo)

VOIDS-Altered Images (self-released)

KAILA STONE-Olive Calling (from “Raise Your Voice Joyce,” Static Shock)

HOT TIP-Electric (demo)

BB AND THE BLIPS-Bitcoin Baby (Thrilling Living)

MIKA MIKO-The Dress (Kill Rock Stars)


SHITTY LIMITS-In Your Shoes (Sorry State)

FOAMERS?-I Drew A Dumbass (Plant Music)

SGT. 6 ASSAULT-Sgt. 6 (007)

LYRES-Ain’t Going Nowhere (Ace of Hearts)

CHEAP TRICK-He’s A Whore (Epic)


POLLUTION-RWW (C6 Recordings)

WALLS-Positive Thought Is Not Making A Deal With Death (Iron Lung)

BETA BOYS-Puzzled Panther (Neck Chop)

BRANDY-Throw Out My Kitchen (Monofonus Press)

SCHOOL DRUGS-Nothing Grows (Indecision)

DAS DRIP-Pressure Victim (Sorry State)





SIX FINGER SATELLITE-Parlour Games (Sub Pop)

MAN OR ASTRO-MAN?-Lo Batt. (Touch and Go)

THEE HYDROGEN TERRORS-All Hail The Panamanian Subversive (Load)


DOOMSDAY MASSACRE-Attack (CIA) in memory of John Anderson

CRUCIFIX-Steel Case Enclosure (from “Rat Music For Rat People,” Go!)

VITAMIN X-About To Crack (Tankcrimes)


TRIPLE THREAT-Fashion Trend (Bridge Nine)

SHAVED CHRIST-Bad Mind (Bakery Outlet)


ANGEL CITY-Face The Day (Epic)