Welcome to the webpage for Sonic Overload. As my regular listeners know by now, I play punk, hardcore, garage and other loud music, although there are surprises from time to time as well as decidedly slanted commentary on the “issues of the day” and that’s also presented through song selections and audio clips.


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APRIL 23, 2018


      Lots of new records and demos this week, while also digging deeply into the archive for some more obscure older punk and hardcore… I must be doing something right. The listenership this month seems to have gone up a bit. Keep telling your friends, acquaintances and even adversaries…


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UNNATURAL AXE-They Saved Hitler’s Brain (Varulven)


NOPE!-Don’t Pretend You Can’t See (demo)

WARM BODIES-I’m A Dog (Lumpy)

BETA BLOCKERS-Stiff Prescription (Static Shock)

BETA BOYS-Littered Streets (Total Punk)

DREAM PROBE-Colonization (demo)

JJ DOLL-You Come First (Katorga Works)


PHYSIQUE-Endless (Iron Lung)

GELD-My Own Most Hopeless Case (Iron Lung)

NEUTRON RATS-Life Extinction (Loud Punk)

OJO POR OJO-Celebrácion (La Vida Es Un Mus)

KRIMEWATCH-New York Nightmare (Lockin’ Out)

EXIT ORDER-Dead Ringer (Side Two)


(REAL) KIDS-Nowadaze Kids (Crypt)

MODEL CITIZENS-Animal Instincts (Spy)

CHIN-CHIN-The World’s Burning (Mississippi)

ERASERS-Funny (from “Ork Records: The Complete Singles,” Numero Group)




LYSOL-Teenage Trance (Neck Chop)

DEFORMITY-Cracks (demo)

HOUSEWIVES-Lick The Pip (RIP Society)

RABID DOGS-Hangin’ Around (Aarght!)

BEND SINISTER-Better Now (Homeless)


DECRY-Resurrection (Cleopatra)

CHRONIC DISORDER-I See Red (from “Shielded By Death,” Bacchus Archives)

INOCENTES-Miseria E Fome (from “Life Is A Joke,” Weird System)

DACHAU-Huomenna Haudassa (from “Russia Bombs Finland,” Propaganda)

ZOWISO-Pretty Recorder (Atoomatje)


THE FRITZ-Jocks With Guns (Drunken Sailor)

AQUARIUM-Hex (Lumpy)

SUBURBAN HOMES-Welcome To Shitsville (Total Punk)


HIPS-Take Me Off Your Playlist (Going Underground)

ABANDOS-Speedball (self-released)




VITAMIN X-Media Messiah (Southern Lord)

RULETA RUSA-No Hay Paz (Sorry State)

BROWN SUGAR-Back To The Future (Feral Kid)

LA PIOVRA-Risacca (Punks Before Profits)

NO SKIN-Knee Jerk Circle (Give Praise)

PANDAMONIUM-Bring That Shit (demo)

SELF DEFENSE-Bullfight (Wintermute)


COLD MEAT-Lazy Anarchy (Helta Skelta)

DIE PEST-Untitled 2 (demo)

GUMMING-Lockjaw (demo)

SNOB-Motor Bitches (La Vida Es Un Mus)

PADKAROSDA-Bomlás (Static Shock)


WAR ON WOMEN-Lone Wolves (Bridge Nine)

SUPER UNISON-Walk Away (Deathwish)

CRIMINAL CODE-Exiled (Deranged)

REACHAROUNDS-I Can’t Breathe (Push and Pull)

VIDEO-Teenage Death (Play Pinball)




THE CURE-It’s Not You (Fiction)

PRETENDERS-Tattooed Love Boys (Sire)

MAPS-My Eyes Are Burning (self-released)

CLASSIC RUINS-1 + 1 < 2 (Ace Of Hearts)


PUMPERS-Shut Down (from “Denton Denton, USA,” Play Pinball)

PIRANHAS-Redundant (Tom Perkins)

FUCKED UP-Police (Deranged)

NERVE AGENTS-War Against! (Hellcat)

BORN DEAD ICONS-Salvation On The Knees (Partners In Crime)


GUTTERMOUTH-Asshole (Nitro)