Welcome to the webpage for Sonic Overload. As my regular listeners know by now, I play punk, hardcore, garage and other loud music, although there are surprises from time to time as well as decidedly slanted commentary on the “issues of the day” and that’s also presented through song selections and audio clips.


I’m proud to announce that there’s now a live version of Sonic Overload every Wednesday from 6-8 PM Eastern time on Stench Radio.


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MARCH 2, 2015


      The attack of the cracking voice—not the most enjoyable way to do the show but hopefully the musical contents make up for it. Thanks to Jason Kooken for organizing the Massachusetts premiere of the DC punk documentary “Salad Days,” which screened at the Stage II Cinema in Amesbury. I enjoyed the film and the theater was really cool—cafe setting with old airplane seats. And no turbulence, except for the shitty ride home in yet another storm. I’d also like to thank Jason including me on the panel for a Q&A session, even though I don’t like to do public speaking all that much. Odd, considering I do this show and sing in a band. Anyway, I’m glad we made the trip...


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Track 1

Track 2

Track 3

Track 4






SCREAM-Came Without Warning (Dischord)

MARGINAL MAN-Emotional Scars (Dischord)

FAITH-You’re X’d (Dischord)

RED C-Pressure’s On (from “Flex Your Head,” Dischord)

FIRE PARTY-Pilate (from “State Of The Union,” Dischord)

BLACK MARKET BABY-Senseless Offerings (Dr. Strange)


CRETINS-Piss On Your Pieces (Vinyl Conflict)

COMBAT ZONE-Untamed (Side Two)

THE BUG-Sunday Sermon Blues (Not Normal)

VILE GASH-Life-Rot (Youth Attack)

HALSHUG-Gudsforladt (Southern Lord)

DIVINE RIGHT-Lamentation (Deranged)


FAMILY CURSE-Middle Age America (Doormat)

MONORCHID-A Was For Anarchy (Touch & Go)

GIRLS AGAINST BOYS-Let Me Come Back (Touch & Go)

DIVISION OF LAURA LEE-Caress/Hotnights (I Made This)




FLYKILLS-Agencia (demo)

RIZOMA-Oh Shit, Global Warming Is Melting My Record Collection! (Loud & Fast)

BLOTTER-Intro/All Dogs Go To War (demo)

SNOB-Harassed (self-released)

CIRRICULUM VITAE-Future Fayke (self-released)


METHOD ACTORS-The Method (Armageddon)

THE FALL-Totally Wired (Rough Trade)

THE WALL-Kiss The Mirror (Captain Oi)

DAMNED-I Just Can’t Be Happy Today (Chiswick)




ACHTUNGS-20 Years (Going Underground)

THESE ARE WORDS-Monkeys (demo)

FAG COP-The Hole I Dump My Love (Rank Toy)

LUMPY & THE DUMPERS-Sex Pit (Erste Theke Tonträger)


LOAD-Know Your Role (Rat Town)

HAIL MARY-Maimed (Vermiform)

OPPOSITION-Pre-Packaged (Figure Four)

BORN DEAD ICONS-Fate (DeadAlive)

INSERVIBLES-Ciega (Shogun)




SUICIDE FILE-Somme (Indecision)

INTENSITY-All Hail Corporate Power (Thought Crime)

THE CLASH-Up In Heaven (Not Only Here) (Epic)




HAPPY FLOWERS-Charlie Got A Haircut (Homestead)

FOSTER CARE-Bad Vibe City (Jack Shack)

NICE GUYS-Free Slice (demo)

KAJUN SS-Psychological Problems (Therapeutic)

ALERTA ROJA-Democracia (Lengua Armada)

WYX-Association (Start)


ANTI SCRUNTI FACTION-Boys Will Be Boys (Flipside)

FRAU-Safety Instructions (demo)

UMBILICAL CORD-Winter (Video Disease)

CHALK CIRCLE-Scrambled (Mississippi)

DELTA 5-You (Rough Trade)

MEKONS-Where Were You? (Fast)


SKI PATROL-Agent Orange (Malicious Damage)