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NOVEMBER 12, 2018


      Someone asked me the other day what I thought the best year for punk was. That’s pretty much an impossible question to answer. For me, it would be just about any year from 1977 to 1984 although I told him I’d probably pick 1978, because that’s when I started to delve into buying punk records. I also said it could be 1981, as I got exposed to the burgeoning hardcore punk scene and there were incredible albums by the likes of TSOL, Killing Joke, Gang of Four, the Gun Club and many others. It’s an impossible task.

      But 1978 is on my mind because the 40th anniversary of landmark albums has been occurring all year and this week is no exception—The Clash’s GiveEm Enough Rope and X-Ray Spex’s Germ Free Adolescents passed the four decade mark over the weekend. And, while every track isn’t a killer, they both still deserve their place in the legendary punk canon.

      Incidentally, I get some of these dates from George Gimarc’s Punk Diary book, which covers the entire 70s era, detailing record releases, band formations and break-ups and key live shows. An invaluable resource and a vital time capsule.


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FUCK YOU PAY ME-Ammosexual (Tankcrimes)


ARTIFICIAL PEACE-Enlisted Man (Dischord)

YOUTH BRIGADE-Snow Job (Dischord)

FREE BEER-Premature Enlistment (Alternative Tentacles)

STIFF LITTLE FINGERS-Wasted Life (Rough Trade)

DRONGOS FOR EUROPE-Death’s A Career (Data)


SADIST-The Shadow Of The Swastika (Regurgitated Semen)

L.O.T.I.O.N.-Ultimate Wound Kit (Toxic State)


VALSE TRISTE-Kunika Käy Kuolema (IfSociety)

PESD-Plastik (Prank)

VIVISICK-Peter Pan Syndrome Melancholy (Tankcrimes)


CLASH-Safe European Home (Epic)

X-RAY SPEX-Obsessed With You (EMI)

THE TROUBLE-We Are The Blood (Flat)

SATAN’S RATS-You Make Me Sick (Overground)




TERRORIST-Corruption and Lies (Toxic State)

MENTIRA-Tus Demonios (Thrilling Living)

ROHT-Sama Un Dig (Iron Lung)

TALC-Inside Voice (Nopatience)

MUJERES PODRIDAS-Misterio Planeta (demo)



SUBURBAN HOMES-City Life (Neck Chop)

DEBBIE DOWNERS-Franklin Street (demo)

HELTA SKELTA-B88 (Deranged)

CELETOIDS-Water Makes Me Sick (Doomtown)

OWNER-Nothing To Say (demo)

JON SPENCER-Do The Trash Can (In The Red)


UPSET NOISE-Vuoti (Threat From The Past)

VARUKERS-No Scapegoat (Anagram)

BLITZKRIEG-Lest We Forget (No Future)

4 SKINS-Low Life (Secret)

DANGEROUS BIRDS-Alpha Romeo (Propeller)




NIGHTFALL-No Surrender (Ryvvolte)

SYRINGE-No Cross (Ryvvolte)

EASY WEAPONS-Why Not (self-released)

BOOTLICKER-Dejection (Neon Taste)

CHILLER-False Flagellant (self-released)

97A-The Republican Scam (Teamwork)

TEAR IT UP-What’s The Problem (Deranged)

CHRONIC SUBMISSION-Four Points (Schizophrenic)


COBRA COBRA-O Nascimento Hellacio de Sirius No Céu Oriental (More Power)

SCROUNGERS-Piss and Punks (self-released)

WRIGGLE-Small Town, Big Idiot (Sorry State)

BEASTMAN-Heinous (demo)

INSERVIBLES-Trigueña (Shogun)

TISSUES-Fire (self-released)


NO BLUES-So Far (Schizophrenic)

BANGS-Sweet Revenge (Kill Rock Stars)


USA BIG DOGS-Wicked Man (demo)

CIRCUS LUPUS-Pacifier (Dischord)




ALIEN SEX FIEND-Bloody Reprisal (Cherry Red)

COUTEAU LATEX-Démarche Fauve (Waving Hands)

DVA DAMAS-Nightshade (Downward America)

CHRISMA-Black Silk Stocking (Armando Curcio Editore)

ANNEX-Modern Age (Adelante)


LURKERS-I’m On Heat (Beggars Banquet)

METAL URBAIN-Hysterie Connective (Radar)

CHRISTIAN DEATH-Romeo’s Distress (Frontier)

VANDALS-Urban Struggle (Epitaph)