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JUNE 1, 2020


      I don’t know what I can say after the past week of social upheaval, following the murder of George Floyd by a Minneapolis police officer… sure, I do my little radio show where I play songs touching on police abuse, as well as racism and white supremacy. That probably doesn’t accomplish much but I suppose it’s better than just ignoring what happened. The past week’s events just point out the huge divide between different factions in this country and it takes work to discern the truth. In all honesty, I don’t see a whole lot of common ground, although a majority of people across the political spectrum seem to think the murder was unjustified. I have no answers, just my radio show and speaking out. It’s still the safe route and, yeah, I should probably put my ass on the line and get out and protest. I could always be doing more. Still, I’m glad to see others are doing it. You keep hearing that this could finally be the tipping point. I’ll believe it when I see it but I suppose even the tiniest glimmer of hope is better than nothing.


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REACHAROUNDS-I Can’t Breathe (Push and Pull)


AUS-ROTTEN-They Ignore Peaceful Protest (Rotten Propaganda)

MDC-The Only Good Cop (from “Not So Quiet On The Western Front,” Alternative Tentacles)

BATTALION OF SAINTS-Cops Are Out (from “Someone Got Their Head Kicked In,” BYO)

NECROS-Police Brutality (Touch and Go)

AUTHORITIES-I Hate Cops (from “Copulation,” Mystic)

CRUCIFUCKS-Cops For Fertilizer (Alternative Tentacles)

FUCKED UP-Police (Deranged)


ÖPNV-ÖPNV (demo)

GUMMING-Husk (Vinyl Conflict)

DUMSPELL-American Girl (demo)

FUSSY-Common Sense (demo)

TOTALOVE-No Me Impongas (Richter Scale)

58008-Repression (Nopatience)


JANITOR JOE-Boys In Blue (Amphetamine Reptile)

WHITE DRUGS-I Hate Your Face (Kunst-Waffe)

ISS-Armchair Aryan (Richard Spencer’s Gifts) (Sorry State)

BLACK BUG-Police Helicopter (XVII)




TRANSPLANTS-Suicidal Tendencies (Dionysus)

CLOVERBOTTOM-Cottage Cheeseheads (Toolbox)

STEPMOTHERS-All Systems Go (Posh Boy)

SVT-Modern Living (415)


CULTURE KIDS-Die Nazi Scum (Make A Mess)

SEX BUNKER-Church Of The Glowing Rectangle (demo)

WHIPPING POST-Open Your Eyes (demo)

MORMONS-Your Shit (Grist-Milling Industries)

SCFF-I Don’t Belong (Patac)

UPSTAB-Punch Police (demo)


DAVE & ANSEL COLLINS-Double Barrel (Trojan)

ALTHIA & DONNA-Uptown Top Ranking (Sire)

DICKHEADS-Squad Leader (Walking Dead)

STEVES-Making Time (Hundreds)




NAZTI SKINZ-Race War (Youth Attack)

SPAZM 151-Freedom/Tear It Up (Mind Control)

LOOK BACK AND LAUGH-Midwest Train Wreck (Lengua Armada)

UDÜSIC-Mature (Painkiller)

LOGIC PROBLEM-Sterile Anxiety (Abuse)

HOAX-Intro/Hide (self-released)



GOMME-Telecommunication (self-released)

DROOL-Control (Born Yesterday)


TERRA SOROR-Hot-House (demo)

LEATHER TOWEL-Siding With Yoko (Hozac)

BASIC DICKS-I Am Man, Here Me Bore (demo)

FUTURES-Cold Bug (Six Two Five)

BILLS-Run and Hide (demo)

VINTAGE CROP-Entertain The Idea (Anti Fade)




TUFF DARTS-(Your Love Is Like) Nuclear Waste (Sire)

RUNAWAYS-School Days (Mercury)

TEENAGE HEAD-Little Boxes (Epic)

BOYS-Cop Cars/Keep Running (NEMS)

HUBBLE BUBBLE-Pogo Pogo (Radio Heartbeat)


PEACE TALKS-Borders (from “So This Is Progress” flexi)

LUBRICANT-Fear Of Crutches (demo)

DIRTY & HIS FISTS-Heretics/Whistle Blower (Feel It)

BANxTHIS!-Something To Say (Agipunk)

GIANT HAYSTACKS-A Rebirth Of Our City (Mistake)


DICKS-Dicks Hate The Police (Alternative Tentacles)