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NOVEMBER 17, 2017


      I open this week’s show with the Beatles’ “Helter Skelter”… which happens to be my favorite song by the band. It’s loud, it’s blistering, it’s nasty but it’s not about anything more than riding a slide (which is known as a helter skelter in England). Of course, psychotic criminal Charles Manson made that song infamous during his and his “family’s” murder spree in 1969. I don’t want to do any more to immortalize him, following his death today. I can’t understand why anyone would show any sort of admiration for a murderous racist.

      Enough time wasted on that. Maybe I just should have ignored his death but played that song to make a point, I suppose... this week’s show goes out in memory of AC/DC guitarist Malcolm Young, who passed away over the weekend at 64, after having battled dementia for a few years. I first became aware of them in an article in Circus magazine and then heard them for the first time on the Salem State radio station WMWM (same station where I had my punk rock epiphany with “God Save The Queen.”) After that, I picked up their “Let There Be Rock” album and it still logs regular play, as does “Powerage,” my favorite album by them. I tried not to play the obvious hits—no “Highway To Hell” or “Back In Black,” but played a few deeper cuts. A timeless band that just about everyone, regardless of musical preference, seemed to love. Kind of like Motörhead. If you don’t like AC/DC, you don’t like rock ‘n roll. Period.


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BEATLES-Helter Skelter (Capitol)


ACCIDENT-Low Riders Of The Infinityscape (demo)

BOMBERS-Loaded Gun (demo)

OWNER-Nothing To Say (demo)

U-NIX-The Mayor (Lumpy)

LUMPY AND THE DUMPERS-Boiling River (La Vida Es Un Mus)

HUMAN NOTHING-No Reaction (demo)


MDC-Thanks For Giving Me What I Didn’t Want (New Red Archives)

ILL REPUTE-Cherokee Nation (It’s Alive/Indecision)

OVERKILL-Slaughter (SST)

HÜSKER DÜ-Do You Remember? (Numero Group)

X-RAY SPEX-Obsessed With You (Sanctuary)


LUBRICANT-Sacrifice (Symphony of Destruction)

RARE FORM-Greed (demo)

MACHINE GUN-Devastation (Even Worse)

MUJERES PODRIDAS-Pesadillas (demo)

PATSY-Society Ape (La Vida Es Un Mus)

LAUGHING STOCK-11 O’Clock (Not Like You)




AC/DC-Let There Be Rock (Atco) in memory of Malcolm Young

AC/DC-Up To My Neck (Atco)

AC/DC-Shake A Leg (Atlantic)

AC/DC-Brain Shake (Atlantic)


ORDER-Zero (HG Fact)

GENBAKU ONANIES-Maelstrom (Trippin’ Elephant)

HONOR ROLE-Lives Of The Saints #135 (Merge)

LOCAL HEROES SW9-Stabbed In The Heart (Oval)




BANSHEE-Culture Vulture (self-released)

COWBOY-Back On The Farm (Fashionable Idiots)

VANILLA POPPERS-Where You Told Me I Belong (Lumpy)

FLESH RAG-Tonight (Schizophrenic)

HEAVY LIDS-No Reason (Big Neck)

THE SERMON-Luzerne County (Alternative Tentacles)


UNIFORM-The Killing Of America (Sacred Bones)

MOMMY-NY Presbyterian (Sacred Bones)

GIFT OF GOATS-When We Ate Each Others Fingers (Omnibus)

ZOMBOS-Vulva Death (demo)


HUNGER FARM-Motion (Nemesis)

TRUE NORTH-Rocknroll (No Idea)

THIS SHIP WILL BURN-So Frowned The Mighty Combatants (Thrashbastard)

ARCTIC FLOWERS-Crusaders & Banshees (Inimical)

TOTAL CONTROL-Meds (Aarght!)




SLINT-Good Morning Captain (Touch & Go)

FAILURE-Princess (Slash)

ROCKET FROM THE CRYPT-Fat Lip (Interscope)



FRANTIX-Face Reality (Alternative Tentacles)

SBF-Halved Snake (demo)

HELTA SKELTA-Autodidact (Helta Skelta)

TEENAGE CHAINSAW-Try Hard (self-released)

TVTV-I’m Trouble (Episode Sounds)


AC/DC-High Voltage (Atco)